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Hermès Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelets

IMAGE: BAGAHOLICBOY The Medor pyramid studs on your Collier de Chien bracelets are no longer just a decorative element; it’s now expanded into a whole new range of fashion jewellery pieces to call its own. Officially known as the Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelet, the iconic stud essentially forms a precious clasp on the

Hermès Villa Sandal

IMAGE: HERMÈS Many of you are familiar with the Kelly’s iconic lock, or the relatively simple H logo found on the Clic Clac and the Constance, both of which are icons featured as hardware elements on the respective leather goods. But Hermès is also introducing newer designs in recent times, such as this openwork hardware detailing above

Hermès: The Little Wonders of Petit h

IMAGE: HERMÈS For those who might be unaware, Hermès has a line of quirky accessories created using reclaimed materials from its main brand, one that’s known as the Petit h line that has been in existence since 2009. While the bags and accessories you’re familiar with are crafted based on specified designs and

Hermes Cavour Pouch

A designer bag gets my attention when it says that per person can only purchased 1 bag. And it’s the case of this Hermes Cavour Pouch Bag, which is a travel pouch to help you organize your essentials. Is it really worth the investment? The Cavour Pouch is crafted in mix of

Hermes Clic-H Bag

Hermes started with 2 clic’s – the Hermes Click Wallet and Click Wallet With Strap. But there is now a 3rd clic, it’s the Hermes Click-H Bag. It’s new in town for the Fall Winter 2019 collection, the Click-H Bag is kind-of like a squared-shape shoulder bag but when looking from the side, it’s thin

Hermes Voyage Silk Case Bag

Going on holiday soon? Take this beautiful Hermes Voyage Case with you. It’s a distinctive piece thanks to its colorful and attention-grabbing style. And by taking a closer look, Hermes has injected a lot of fashion art to it. Hermes Voyage Case; bolded Remember Silk Twill? What’s Hermes’s favorite invention? Silk right? So these Voyage

Hermes In The Loop Mini Purse

Adding to the collection of In The Loop Collection, which is a brand-new line, you can now enjoy the Hermes In The Loop Mini Purse. The In The Loop Mini Change Purse is a small but distinctive piece of art. It features a round shape with metal pull-tab. And the most beautiful part