Louis Vuitton Window Scream On Saks Fifth Avenue

Louis Vuitton

 Louis Vuitton Window Scream On Saks Fifth Avenue

Last week, on Friday, we have view French label get full control of 16 of Saks’ display windowns on Fifth Avenue to showcase Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere’s inaugural collection. Louis Vuitton’s chief executive Mr. Burke said “Marigay, she gets what she wants”, and Marigay McKee offered him all of Sake’s windowns for Ghesquiere’s first collection.

From the March LV show at the Louvre to the Fifth Avenue windowns, it is not only have boast 10-foot-tall aluminum shutters besides stunningly accessorized looks, but also in the inside, Vuitton also has its usual space on the first, third and eighth floors, there is nothing usual about the shutters, which are to open and close on a synchronized schedule.

In the new season for Louis Vuitton, there are many of brand new items available for sale on Louis Vuitton store. Take a view and stay tuned to Cheap LV Bags for more news update!

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2014 Fall Louis Vuitton Cardigans For Women

Louis Vuitton

1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 1

It is really looks different for the first Fall collection made by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. Look at the 2014 Fall Louis Vuitton Women’s Cardigans, there are many stylists made so many compliments in various magazines and fashion publications. and the Fall Winter 2014 Season Louis Vuitton Collection really standout which in a front zip cardigan embellished with graphical inserts which looked like a typical 1960′s and 1970′s Scandinavian ski equipment ornament.

As you can see, only Interview Magazine and Vogue stylists dared to experiment with Louis Vuitton fashion show’s look, by changing the skirt. And in my opinion, those new Womens LV Cardigans to be very practical which we can wear the moleskin skirt with leggings or wool tights during the cold winter season. View more new 2014 Fall Winter Louis Vuitton at Cheap LV Bags Site for further update!

1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 2 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 3 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 4 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 5 1 Louis Vuitton Womens Cardigans 6

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The Price of Chanel’s Classic Flap Bag Has Nearly Tripled in the Last Decade

Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag

Pricing data from the mid-2000s can be hard to come by for any handbag; it’s not the kind of information that brands or stores keep in public archives, and PurseBlog itself was only just getting its start cataloging those sorts of things back in the mid-aughts. When the bags in question have never been sold online at all, the search for data only becomes more difficult, and that makes it all the harder to track the at-times-exorbitant price increases that those bags have received over the past decade. Racked did the dirty work of finding out how much Chanel’sprices have changed, and the result was surprising even to me.

Racked’s Casey Lewis tracked prices for Chanel’s Medium Classic Flap Bag from 2005 to now, and she found that, in 2005, one of the bags could be had for $1,650. Although that’s still an objectively high price for something like a handbag, it now seems impossibly low, considering both the current prices of similar bags from other brands and Chanel’s position in the top price tier for luxury accessories.

The same bag in lambskin now goes for $4,900, according to both Lewis’ research and Chanel’s website, despite the fact that astonishingly few things have changed about this bag since its introduction decades ago. Racked’s experts attribute that to the necessity of keeping the bag exclusive; instead of attracting young customers directly to its marquee accessories, Chanel has chosen to introduce other products at a sub-$1,000 price, like expanded lines of sunglasses and costume jewelry, to capture the next generation of aficionados without making its bags unappealingly ubiquitous.

Based on how Louis Vuitton has suffered of late because of its inescapable (and, arguably, devalued) logo, such attempts are indeed necessary to keep an accessories business healthy, but Chanel bags are not exactly a rare sight, in spite of their high price tags. That is, of course, the central paradox of luxury handbags–selling enough of them to keep the business afloat and please investors while still ensuring that every buyer feels like she’s getting something special and unique.

Chanel doesn’t wholesale to third-party stores or sell its bags anywhere online, so without reducing its production, Chanel is doing just about all it can to funnel its bags toward its ideal customers. Only time will tell how long the strategy can be effective and how many more price increases the market can support for an essentially unchanged product.

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Moschino Embellished a Sweatshirt With an Actual Handbag

Moschino Handbag Hoodie

In the world of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino, nothing is ever what it actually is. That motorcycle jacket? It’s a handbag, or maybe a backpack. Those red and yellow arches are not actually a McDonald’s advertisement. That bag that looks like a Chanel suit and has the handles of a Chanel handbag? Chanel didn’t produce any part of it. Now, Moschino has taken a handbag and draped it around the neck of a basic black hoodie, because why not.

Although the full complement of goods from Scott’s first collection for the brand has yet to arrive in stores, it’s already a commercial success; the exceedingly commercial, aggressively referential bags, accessories and clothes largely disappear from retailers shortly after they become available, and celebrities (especially musicians, who tend to be the splashiest dressers on the star spectrum) have taken to the clothes like ducks to water.

This hoodie plays with the bag-as-status-symbol trope by attaching it front-and-center to a relatively average, oversized black hoodie; the bag’s gleaming gold nameplate is exposed for all to see, no side view required.

Because the bag is probably heavy on its own (let alone with stuff inside it), the wearer can detach it and carry it like a normal shoulder bag once the visual gag has been noticed and appreciated by onlookers. If you lack the three grand to drop on a gag piece, you’re in luck: you can wear virtually any handbag around your neck and get exactly the same is-this-person-okay look from those around you.

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Look for Less: Grey Fur Bucket Bags

Other Brands

Grey Fur Bucket Bags

Despite the fact that yesterday was the hottest day of 2014 so far in New York City, we are now post-Labor Day, which means it’s our duty, as fashion writers, to push both you and ourselves as quickly into fall dressing as humanly possible. What better way to do that than with fur? Specifically, we’re going to examine these two fur bucket bags in our latest edition of The Look for Less.

Fur is one of those situations where the quality of material used is immediately apparent, and that means it’s not terribly difficult to figure out that the Ralph Lauren Shearling Bucket Bag is the more expensive option here. I’d love to own a pillow made out of this bag’s fur, but based on the price of the bag, that’s not an option.

The Elizabeth & James bag is similar in both color and structure, but the fur used is different. Not only is this kind of curly lamb less expensive, but it has a less precious look to it; this is a decidedly casual bag that adds texture to an outfit without overpowering the other pieces, while the Ralph Lauren version is definitely a statement piece unto itself. The prices certain reflect those aesthetic differences.

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The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses Review, Who Is the Goddess

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 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet

Last week, on the red carpet of this 66th Emmy Awards, there was a number of celebrities wearing the fashion dresses at their best appeared the red carpet. And we can catch the latest fashion trend on the red red carpet since celebrities dressed the newest design show their best. Colors such as red, white, cobalt blue, and coral remains a favorite. Accent belt in appearance is never missed.

Blue colorway become one of popular dresses on the Emmy Awards red carpet, from the sapphire blue to navy blue, they were all show the unique elegant amorous feelings, Edie Falco,Keke Palmer,Mayim Bialik,Melissa Rauch,Rose Leslie and Christine Baranski looks great in blue color dresses. But the red always the first choice for many of actresses. There are a number of collection from Emmy Awards 2014 Red carpet dresses can be your inspiration, take a view blow, and tell us who is the goddess in the dresses?

Best-Emmys-2014-Red-Carpet 1 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 31 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 41 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 51 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 61 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 71 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 81 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 91 The 66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Dresses 10

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