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Women love their high heels, but by the end of the night tired feet lead to bare feet, especially for women who’ve been in heels all day or like to dance the night away. Talaria Flats founder Ingrid Sarver decided to create a new, affordable and portable alternative that combines timeless style with better durability for ideal comfort, over lower quality competitive products. The company is quickly winning the hearts of fashionable women.

Talaria Flats - Women's Premium Foldable Ballet Flats for Every Occasion

The idea behind Talaria Flats came to Farmington Hills, Michigan native Sarver while completing her MBA at NYU. She knew all too well the effect of wearing heels all night and decided to create a more durable option for fashionable women.

Talaria Flats - Premium Ballet Flats for Weddings, Events and Travel

Talaria Flats offers classic and premium foldable ballet flats made of split leather and premium genuine rubber soles, with an accompanying bag, that are ideal for women on the go, and those who want to keep dancing the night away.

Talaria Flats Wedding Gift Idea Custom Bridesmaids Pack

Talaria Flats Premium Ballerinas in black, champagne, silver & white

Images: talariaflats.com

Premium Talaria Flats come in champagne, silver, black and white ($38/pair) and each pair comes with its own bag.  The shoes are available online at TalariaFlats.com and in store at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan.

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