Chanel Cruise 2015 Bag Collection Preview 4



Give me an honest answer. Are you ready?

Is your wallet filled?

And is your credit card reloaded for the shopping spree?

Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection will be released next month. Yes, in November 2014, which means that a lot of new handbags will be in store very soon.

Because of this, we want to introduce you a few accessories that will be available soon. It’s kind-of a teaser and on the other hand, we want you to be well ‘ahead of the trend’.


Some of these items are already covered on our website, like the ‘Chanel Jerry Can Bag’ in transparency or in gold. I am not sure whether this shoulder bag is great as an everyday bag, but at least you’ve got a Chanel that’s not quilted.


Then we bragged about the gorgeous Chanel CC Clutch Bag in gold. CC all over the bag, it’s so-beautiful, and it comes with interwoven chain link. Oh my!

Some of these items have already been featured in the Chanel Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign:

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Take note the next season’s Classic Flap Bags in Blue Flower embossed on the handbag. Refined with silver hardware. A lot of bags made from ‘tweed’ and a lot of different ‘prints’ will be set in store.

Now, if these handbags don’t suit you, we will show you a couple of boy bags and new classics next week. Stay connected with us through Facebook.




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