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‘Tis the season to be jolly as we give you a sneak peek of Louis Vuitton’s Holiday 2015 Collection! Feast your eyes on these beautiful bags – meant to be given as gifts to loved ones or yourself, well, it really doesn’t matter! Do we hear Christmas cheer right now?






















If it comes in beautiful Damier, you’ll never have to doubt that it’s a must-have. The brand has been known for its prints, and it includes this particular one. Over the seasons, a lot of tweaks have been made but the classic design remains supreme. It’s all yours for the taking!








Colored leather babies in different designs and styles to choose from!

What a wonderful Christmas it is, girls! Let’s celebrate with an LV piece in tow now! All these pieces are available via Louis Vuitton boutiques and e-store.














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Louis Vuitton


Something urban and funky for the designer junkie? Definitely. We’re not out to ultimately convert you from your tote or handbag obsession, but backpacks have been making waves in high fashion these days. What a way to take a breather with the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack, something different from the luxury house’s Cruise 2016 collection.

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The bag combines a sporty shape with distinctive House detailing – two seemingly different elements bound together by such design. It has so calfskin trim with foam backing and a leather scarf loop that’s perfect for sporting. With two adjustable padded shoulder straps, backpacking never looked this good!

It has golden color metallic pieces to match, and outsize zipped front pocket and an inside flat pocket that’s good for those who’d want to keep it organized.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma

Louis Vuitton

The second most popular Louis Vuitton model is the LV Alma. This wonderful bag enjoys a distinctive shape that goes wonderfully on the arm of a trendy working woman. Over the years, the Louis Vuitton Alma has been redesigned in every possible color or material, from elegant to flashy. Still, one of our all times favorite remains the LV Alma Monogram. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma is known for its structured appearance, the iconic LV monogram coated canvas and its surprising versatility. This small bowling style tote is everything a modern gal could wish for. It looks super chic, is easy to accessorize with your office or casual outfits and, surprisingly, it is very spacious. It is ideal for everyday use.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma PM comes with beautiful vachetta cowhide leather, rolled leather top handles, a solid leather base, shiny golden brass hardware, an optional shoulder strap and a removable leather key bell and padlock keys. The bag has a double zips closure at the top and a practical fabric interior. And last, but not least this marvelous tote keeps its shape beautifully.

Authentic LV Alma Monogram

Authentic LV Alma Monogram

No one could blame you for dreaming of owning the LV Alma Monogram. The hefty price tag is the only obstacle. In moments like these you realize that buying a replica purse is your best option. This is how I ended up with a fake Alma. It was ordered from 2016lv.com and whether it is a good quality replica or not, you’ll be the judge of this. So keep reading!

View from side of the bag

First of all, the LV Alma Monogram bag I have received is a bit different from the one posted on website. The one from the webpage had that beautiful beige cowhide leather on the base, handles and shoulder strap- the same color as the authentic Alma. Instead, the one that was delivered to me had orange color leather. There were also considerable differences regarding the size of the replica. The original model measures 12″ in length, 10″ in height and 7″ in depth whereas the replica is slightly smaller- 12.6 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches. But wait, there’s more!

Handle Attachment

Everyone appreciates the Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma for it beautiful structured shape. It is the type of bag that has a seamlessly shape with perfectly arched corners and a flawlessly crafted body that can stand tall by its self. You don’t have to be an expert to see that this is not the case with my Alma replica. This purse is quite far from the original one. It is anything but structured. The knockoff bends from all sides and its shape is irregular. Instead of having that exquisite bowling stile tote form- like a rectangular with curved corners-, it looks more like a circle cut in half. The over-rounded shape is its major problem. It looks totally different than the authentic Alma.

The base, handles and shoulder strap of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma replica are made from a fairly good quality leather, but obviously not vachetta cowhide leather that is used on the genuine purse. The vachetta leather is firm, thick and has a durable look while the one used on the imitation purse is flimsy and has a grainy surface.


If you take a look at the base of the LV Alma imitation bag you will notice that it has a very large and tacky “Louis Vuitton” marking on it. The size and style of the font are something that Louis Vuitton would never use for its products. The authentic handbag does not have this type of marking on its bottom part just as it does not have any type of studded feet. The replica has 4 circular metallic studs on the base, but these are not available on the real product.

Buttom Side Under zipper

Another small, but very important detail that makes it very easy to spot this Alma clone as a fake, is the “Louis Vuitton Paris, Made in USA” marking embossed on the vachetta leather under the end of the zipper. This can be found on both outside parts of the purse, right where the zipper starts and ends. Unfortunately, the cloned bag does not have this marking at all.


The stitching on a Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma bag is very important. As with all genuine designer purses, this is flawless. The distinctive yellow thread on this model is very thick, but the stitching is perfect. These are evenly spaced apart and the number of stitching from similar sections will always be identical. Plus, on the original Alma you will never find loose threads or a double stitching. Sadly, on the knockoff there are numerous stitching errors. There are numerous loose threads, unevenly spaced apart stitching and even double stitching.

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Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Flower Twist Chain Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 4.7′ x 1.2′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $1840 USD, €1250 euro

The evolution of the Monogram Print – this summer Louis Vuitton adds a nautical chain print to their collection. It’s inspired by the Monogram Bay theme.

It’s a clever design because big and beautiful chains have become an important element in today’s handbags. Now the Chains are melted with Monogram Print and painted with bright colors like white, red, pink and light-orange. Love it.

You can find the new Monogram Chain Flower Print in the iconic Speedy Bags or the Neverfull Tote Bags. It adds a big doses of cool to it, hmmm…how to put it? Stylish and bold with a 70’s touch.

But there is more…

You can also find the new Monogram Chain Flower Print in combination with Epi Leathers. This mix creates a clean, flawless and luxurious appeal. Especially when it is covered on the Classic Alma Bag, it gives the bag a fashionable richness. And you will even love it more when we tell you that there are plenty of colors available.

So how much love for this new print?


Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Flower Twist Chain Wallet
Size: 7.5′ x 4.7′ x 1.2′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $1840 USD, €1250 euro




Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Flower Alma BB Bag
Size: 9.8′ x 7.5′ x 4.7′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $2350 USD, €1680 euro


Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Flower Neverfull Bag
Size: 11.4′ x 12.6′ x 6.7′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $1570 USD, €1180 euro


Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain Speedy 30 Bag
Size: 11.8′ x 9.1′ x 6.7′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $1370 USD, €980 euro


Louis Vuitton Monogram Chain
Size: 7.5′ x 0.8′ x 3.9′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: $905 USD, €615 euro

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Louis Vuitton


We know that Louis Vuitton will never stop innovating until they find the next ‘Speedy Bag’ or the next ‘Neverful Bag’. And even if they’d find it, they will not stop.

One of the bags that caught our attention is the Louis Vuitton Pont-Neuf Bag and here’s why…

While this bag is quite new and not released long time ago, the fashion house is investing and expanding the collection.

The first Pont-Neuf Bag was made from Epi Leather, the next bag was made from Empreinte Leather, both are gorgeous btw. And now, Louis Vuitton releases the Mini Pont-Neuf Bag.

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How exciting? Due to its size, the mini version looks totally different than the large size – much cuter. And you will love to have such beauty on your arm.

The design is modern, the embossed leather is smooth and displays a host of heritage details (Monogram). It’s posh and trendy, this little chic bag is for all occasions.

For now the Mini Pont-Neuf Bag is only available in Empreinte Leather, it comes with a long leather strap that can be removed. The interior features 2 smartphone pockets, one large compartment. The exterior comes with a front flap pocket with hidden zip.

Measuring 8.3’ x 7.5’ x 3.5’ inches (L x H x W), priced at $2510 USD or €1850 euro via Louis Vuitton boutique.



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Louis Vuitton Speedy Amazon Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Speedy Amazon Bag. An updated version of the iconic Speedy Bag, the Speedy Amazon is a shoulder bag without the top handles. This bag is from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing the bag to be carried across the body. It has a double zip opening and opens to a sheepskin interior with two inside flat pockets. It also includes a leather nametag with a metallic Louis Vuitton logo. This new design features the latest Monogram Canvas colors for Spring/Summer 2016, which comes in Noir/Blue and Noir/Blanc. Available in two sizes, MM and PM.

Style, Price & Size




Louis Vuitton Speedy Amazon MM Bag $3,950.00 (USD) 8.3″ L x 6.7″ H x 11.8″ W
Louis Vuitton Speedy Amazon PM Bag $2,530.00 (USD) 8.3″ L x 6.7″ H x 11.8″ W


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