PurseForum Roundup – August

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Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

Welcome to the PurseForum Roundup! Every Friday we bring you the best reveals and conversations happening at fashion’s liveliest destination. This week, it’s all about bags–well, mostly–in CoachKate Spade and Proenza Schouler. We also visit the Playground to check into some of the non-fashion related topics. Come along and join us!

New Coach Bag

We dropped into Coach and immediately spotted a promising thread, with which were not disappointed! We loved this sleek Rhyder in gunmetal, which makes a great addition toilovecoach’s bag family. Crystal-d also added a gunmetal Rhyder to her collection, and fans considering this leather will appreciate how different it looks in changing light. This is definitely a favorite of ours!

Coach Collection

It was such a busy week for reveals in Coach that we found several irresistible ones, including this family shot from GA Peach – be sure to check her thread to see what else she got to go with this gorgeous trio. We also found another interesting topic that many of us can relate to, regardless of the brand we favor. Drop into louisprada25′s “I’m All Coached Out” to join in the conversation. We also found a bit of a cat-related situation that you will want to check out. (Don’t worry, it looks like an easy repair)!

Printed Chocolates

Roundup readers know that we love to feature our non-fashion subforums – these are the places where our members share their personal lives, and we always find plenty to keep our attention. This week, we visited The Kitchen and found ninja-please had shared these decadent decorated chocolates in the I Ate This thread, one of our favorites on the PurseForum.

Elsewhere in the Playground, we are following the medical crisis in Africa in Up To The Minute,along with discussions on other topics topping the news charts. We also found plenty of food for thought in the Money Talks subforum, including our discussion on the end of tipping in America, staying on a budget and real estate. We hope that you will explore the Playground, find a subforum or conversation and jump in!

Kate Spade Bag

Isn’t this great! We found reenxo’s pretty new navy Minka in Kate Spade, and be sure to check out this post, where she shows us all the colorful things inside, too! Silverstar16 really “pinked” it up with her latest purchases, all together here in a brilliant family photo. Whether you are a longtime fan of the brand or just starting your discovery, you will enjoy our Show Us Your Kate Spade thread, where our members share their collections. You can also see these bags in action in the Which Kate Spade are You Carrying Today thread.

Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

We visited Proenza Schouler, where we always find stylish, bags in stunning colors – like this shimmering blue lagoon PS1 from ichan. Loewejess also got a new PS1, this one in rich ruby chianti. And lovers of purple will not want to miss this PS1 in delicious plum frommcg3897. You can learn everything you could ever need to know in our extensive and informative PS1 thread, full of input, tips and styling ideas devoted to the PS1 line from our members. Proenza Schouler makes other bags, too, of course, including this sleek PS11 fromAliciaBB. 

Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag

Big bag purchases are fun, and we enjoy sharing them. But we also love the “smalls”; the delightful little gems that our favorite design houses put out that add that special touch to a bag, outfit or even a piece of luggage, like this elegant Louis Vuitton luggage tag BlueMauderecently revealed. RhondaE also picked up a wee bit of luscious LV, this time a Pochette with a twist.

You can also find plenty of wonderful small treasures in the Hermès Ode to Leather Key Charms threads, where our members are really enjoying collecting these charming little animals and other motifs, like sparklelisab’s precious rocking horse.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this week’s PurseForum Roundup! We know we have plenty of regular readers and we certainly appreciate that you take a bit of time every Friday to share the conversations and handbags from our Forum. We will see you right here next week, and in the meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy the week ahead. See you next week!

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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 8

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Bag Deals August 8

Good morning and happy Friday to all! Normally I wouldn’t be this peppy at 10 a.m., but today is bag deals day, so things are different. Below, we’ve got the finest assortment of sale bags we could find on this here Internet, including a totally gorgeous, exotic Valentino bag that we think is a must-see for everyone.

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Best Bags – August 6

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eBay Handbags August 6

It’s our first roundup of eBay finds for the month of August, and we have some terrific bags for you! We found a beautiful Hermès HAC–the Birkin’s elder cousin, as it were–in a classic pairing of barenia leather and toile. We also have a sharp, timeless Chanel tote, evening bags from Prada and Judith Lieber, plus some surprises. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece.

Prada Sequined Tote

Prada Sequined Tote

Mulberry Lily Bag

Mulberry Lily Bag

Tom Ford Jennifer Bag

Tom Ford Jennifer Bag

Gucci Dragon Evening Bag

Gucci Dragon Evening Bag

Hermès Haut a Courroies Bag

Hermès Haut a Courroies Bag

Chanel Caviar Tote

Chanel Caviar Tote

Loro Piana Leather Hobo

Loro Piana Leather Hobo

Judith Leiber Snakeskin Evening Bag

Judith Leiber Snakeskin Evening Bag

Fendi 2Jours Bag

Fendi 2Jours Chevron Tote

Balenciaga Work Bag

Balenciaga Work Bag

Tag: Chanel Hermès Prada

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Yes, There are Giant Animal Heads in Coach’s New In-Store Campaign

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Coach Wild Things Animal Head Campaign

As we all know, Coach is in the middle of a rebranding effort to make itself palatable to a more discerning, higher-spending clientele, and it looks like that transition has now begun in earnest. Although Stuart Vevers’ first Coach collection has yet to start arriving in stores, the brand’sextremely slick ad campaign has already made the rounds, and now we have our first glimpse at the brand’s first in-store installation under its new creative director. It involves giant animal heads.

There’s a lot to love in this campaign–which was shot in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn and includes the images on the site, in-store displays and a short film directed by James Lima–especially if you went through a Donnie Darko phase. When I showed it to the rest of the PurseBlog team and a few friends in the industry to get their initial reactions, they were almost overwhelmingly positive; sure, it’s weird, but it’s weird in a way that you’d never expect of Coach, all while keeping with some of the stylized New York-ness that has characterized much of the company’s branding in recent years. It’s Coach on mescaline.

Perhaps my favorite part of this, which is termed a “window campaign” by the brand, is how matter-of-fact it is. It’s not self-conscious of its giant animal heads, which include a horse, a rabbit and a bird in bright colors. Instead, the models wearing them are filmed and photographed doing the mundanely high-end tasks that contemporary-luxury campaigns often depict, like going to coffee shops and perusing record stores. It’s like Coach is daring you to ask what’s going on with the rabbit and her buddies.

Check out a few screen shots from the film below, and to check out the full thing (plus Coach’s new arrivals), head over to Coach.com now.

Coach Wild Things 2Coach Wild Things 3Coach Wild Things 4

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Taylor Swift Continues Her Walking Tour of New York with a Prada Bag

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Taylor Swift Prada Executive Tote

Our by-the-minute Taylor Swift bag coverage continues this week (of course). If you haven’t been following along, Taylor is now shamelessly baiting New York paps on a daily basis with great bags, shoes and clothes. (OR, she’s just trying to live her life as stylishly as possible, and an army of paps just happen to be following along.) If you know anything about pap life, you probably know that shots of celebs with nice bags or otherwise recognizable clothing sell well, for reasons you can probably guess. Here’s Taylor once again, walking toward or away from activities of an indeterminate nature in New York City, carrying a Prada Executive Tote, which is available in a similar color at Bergdorf Goodman for $2,430.

It seems that everyone’s favorite teen pop-country sensation has finally decided to abandon the whimsical braids and sundresses of yesteryear and embrace garments and accessories with a little more structure and integrity (and much, much higher price tags). We’ve long speculated that Taylor wanted to avoid flaunting high-end products because of her very young fans (unlike her contemporaries Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez), but now it seems all bets are off. There’s a follow-up post to “The Many Bags of Taylor Swift” coming down the pipeline in the very near future, PB readers, but while we all await it with bated breath, tell us: what do you think of Taylor’s style transformation?

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PurseForum Roundup: August 1

Other Brands

Hermes Victoria II Bag

Welcome to August’s first edition of the PurseForum Roundup, in which we gather some of the week’s most interesting discussions and most beautiful bags and bring them right over here to share with you. This week, we visited Alexander Wang, where statement hardware is always in fashion, and we also dropped into Hermès, where we found some reveals, of course, and also point you toward help in the pre-loved bag department.

Alexander Wang Grey Rocco bag

Last week we made but a brief stop in Alexander Wang and shared some mesh bags with you all. This week, we went back for a more in-depth visit. We found a wonderful Rocco in Latte with rose gold hardware, which really has a stunning effect when paired with this shade. Congratulations to Nishy on this new addition.

Lovers of small leather goods and jaw-dropping bargains will surely appreciate this reveal: aunique wallet marked so far down at Nordstrom Rack we couldn’t believe our eyes! Luckysacko was in the right place at the right time, congratulations! Jadis4742 added some Wang to her life this summer, too, and waited until her collection was complete (or IS IT?) before sharing not one but three new additions. We love the black with iridescent hardware; what a sharp looking bag! If you are new to the brand, be sure to visit the Reference Library, where we have a wonderful Family Portraits thread with every imaginable AW represented.

Hermes Victoria II Bag

We dropped into Hermès this week, where there is never a shortage of fabulous bags, accessories, scarves or conversations. We knew we would find a gorgeous green in this thread, where GVL shared this brand new Victoria II in malachite, one of the prettiest greens Hermès has ever presented. Iheartorange (and who doesn’t) added another bag to her collection – this lovely Kelly in scrumptious gold.

Hermes Medor Clutch

There are always brilliant reveals in Hermès, and its hard to choose which ones to feature here in the Roundup. On our way out, we spied a thread promising something special, and we were not disappointed. Member pretty99 started her thread wondering whether she should purchase a bag she had been offered. With the help of our Hermès members, she made her decision (by page 2), and we all agree that this lipstick pink Medor clutch is magnificent.

We know that Hermès comes with a hefty price tag, but if you are interested in this design house, you will be happy to know that our members have a very active reseller-feedback thread, as well as lots of great finds in the constantly updated thread dedicated to the resale market. You can also find plenty of other tips on adding Hermès to your collection in our Hermès Shopping subforum.

Manolo Blahnik Swan Pumps

We have been seeing summery sandals daily on the PurseForum and on our sister blog,TalkShoes, so it was quite a treat to see these pretty, sparkly pumps in our Glass Slipper’s threaddedicated to Manolo Blahnik. Stay4b snapped these beauties up at a steal of a deal, and you can bet they will be seeing some good times as the seasons change. SLC Socialite also picked up apair of electric blue pumps at the Barney’s sale, and we cant stop staring at this fantastic color.

The Glass Slipper is home to everything shoe-related at the PurseForum, with the exception of Christian Louboutin, who has a dedicated forum all his own. In the Glass Slipper, we have an ongoing discussion of Charlottle Olympia, Guiseppe Zanotti, Valentino and evenBirkenstocks! This is also the place to post your new shoe purchases, a thread dedicated to fabulous footware of every kind, from the most humble sneakers to the most fabulous heels, like these Louis Vuitton pumps from clu13. 

Valentino Rockstud Dome Bag

Our visit to the Glass Slipper got us thinking about Valentino. We paid a visit to the main Valentino subforum, where we often find reveals of shoes as well, like these classic black Rockstuds pattyui picked up in London.  We also came across this absolutely beautiful tote from berta, who was almost talked out of this purchase. She stuck to her guns, and we are sure glad she did!

We somehow missed tita1992′s March reveal of her new Glam Lock in a color combination that packs plenty of zing. Our members are also discussing serious Valentino matters, like shoe quality, and are lending a hand to goodbrand, who is on the brink of a bootie purchase. Don’t miss the Action Thread to see how our members style their Valentino bags and shoes.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Tote

We featured Rebecca Minkoff on PurseBlog this week and decided to take a peek into her subforum to see what our members have been finding from this popular designer. We have a new purchases thread underway, and it is already brimming with bags, like this electric blue totefrom Minkette, and this mermaid metallic from rockstarmish. Addictedtoshoppin started a new thread for the wonderful RM Pouches, and jennalovesbags updated her collection thread for us.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Bag

Don’t miss this thread if you are a fan of the MAC, a favorite of our members as well. Who could resist this fuchsia? Apparently not Cerecita, who was lucky enough to add this to her collection!

Well that winds up this edition of our PurseForum Roundup. We have five glorious Fridays in August, so we will have plenty to share before we ring in September. We hope you have a wonderful summer weekend and look forward to seeing your here with us next week.

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