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If you have missed an opportunity, then you should try to make up for it in the future. Introducing the limited edition Boy Chanel Chain Around Bag and this is your second chance to own this baby.

Back in the Cruise 2016 Collection, the fashion house released a boyish handbag with chains around the edges and on the center of the bag. It was called the Boy Chanel Enchained Bag. You forget? Then read here: Boy Chanel Enchained Bag.

So the Enchained Bag was limited and only available in the Cruise 2016 Line. If you’ve missed the opportunity to purchase it, then this might be your last chance. This is the Boy Chanel Multiple Chain Around Bag.

Only limited available, Jenny quickly grabbed this bag when the SA took it out from the stock: ‘I just got a new Chanel boy with chain around the flap & the sales advisor at Chanel said its limited edition. It’s a beautiful bag though & I love it sooo much.’

Just one more thing, this is not the Paris in Rome Chain Around Bag from the Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. Because this version has multiple chain around the edges.

READ: Chanel Paris in Rome Chain Around Bag


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A new unique clutch bag, the Black West Hollywood Clutch Bag from Saint Laurent is rocking chic and sophisticated. Screaming glam and fashion in all its angles, this black leather beauty will surely be the focal point of your ensemble.

We’re betting that Hollywood actresses and supermodels will be more than happy to take this clutch at their red carpet events and to other tinsel town’s glitzy soirees. Embellished with the YSL logo right in the center, onlookers will definitely know that you are one dignified woman who knows and wears fashion.

Featuring a quilted grained calfskin with the logo plaque at face, this bag is like magic brought to life thanks to its one-of-a-kind quilted print as the center is chevron quilted, sides are horizontal quilted while the bottom is diamond quilted.

It also has a fold-over throat with magnetic fastening, a zippered pocket at back face, a patch pocket at interior. We are also over the moon with its antique silver-tone hardware and tonal stitching.

Measures 10.75′ x 5.5′ x 2′ (L x H x W) 





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A new leather creation from the Paris in Rome Collection, the Chanel Paris in Rome Zipped Wallet is all you could ever ask for in all aspects. Its navy blue color in sheepskin & light gold metal is already something to look forward to.

This particular Chanel zipped wallet broke from the usual overall quilting effect found in other wallets since the quilt is found only in the center. And oh, the new and beautiful CC logo on top is one of our favorites as well!

Now let’s talk about its interiors and compartments. Upon opening, you will instantly notice that it features a dark blood-like red color. It has several card slots for easy storage and a coin holder in the center just to keep those little pennies in one storage.


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A gorgeous and feminine transparent clutch bag from the Dolce Collection, this is the Dolce and Gabbana’s Taormina’s Box Clutch. For all those of you who aren’t updated yet, the Dolce Collection is the brand’s classic line.

Looking too darling, this clutch bag is perfect for Instagram-worthy hashtags #darlingmovement and #thatsdarling. Beautifully and meticulously crafted from Plexiglas with a floral lace inlay for an ornate and fancy look and taking things further by finishing it with golden hardware thus adding that romantic design feel.

We also love the label’s signature padlock with a tiny flower that adorns the front to complete the ultra feminine style of this bag. And oh, the golden chain strap also makes it the ultimate bag sweetheart in our eyes.

Perfect as your go-to Saturday/Sunday dates, this bag will definitely compliment your girly dresses or your shirt and jeans ensembles.

Measuring 4.5′ x 7.5′ x 35.5′ (H x W x D)





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New: Chanel Price Increase 2016

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As you might know, the year 2016 is not going to be soft and easy. And like every year, Chanel will be increasing the prices again (well, the probability is very high).

So how many price increase? Well, we do not know, but they can increase twice a year.

All right, now we just received a message from Janice that the price of the Chanel Medium/Large Classic Flap Bag has been increased in the United Kingdom . If this is true, then that means that all European countries is going to follow.

So let’s do a quick calculation shall we? The price jump GBP is around 10% price increase.


 Chanel Price Increase 2016

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A few weeks ago, we introduced the Boy Chanel Chain Around Bag and we’re absolutely stunned by the design. So today, we want to show you the colors that are available.

When you think of the Boy Bag, what comes into your mind? The beautiful chains and the iconic boy clasp, right? Well, first of all you can’t get more chains on a mini bag than this. The interwoven chain design has been embellished around the front flap as well. And I love it because it’s so unique and lady-like (It’s the first-time that Chanel has created the Boy Chain Around Bag).

Oh, did we mention about the new Boy Clasp yet? It’s has been completely redesigned and replaced with diamond patterns. And the CC logo is much larger than its previous version.

You only have once chance to claim this bag. This design is new and will probably be discontinued after this collection end. So is it worth your investment? Style code A583221, measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches and priced at €1950 euro via Chanel boutique.

Pictures courtesy of: lux_brands_boutique

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