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The Square WOC craving trend continues as it’s blended with the Golden Class CC style. Take a good look and tell me you are not obsessed. Yes you are!

If you’re newbie here, allow us to explain very briefly what the Square WOC is. One year ago, there was just one type of WOC. It’s the rectangle WOC.


The Rectangle Version

But now there is an extra choice because the Square WOC is created. And it’s not only the shape that’s different, but also the interior compartments. Also, you might think that the Square WOC is bigger, which is not true. Now, let’s talk more about the Chanel Golden Class CC Square WOC, released for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 2.

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The Design


The Golden Class CC Square WOC is designed with a cube shape. It’s crafted with a front flap just like the rectangle WOC. In fact, a lot of components are like the rectangle WOC like the woven chain leather strap for shoulder or cross body carry. As well as the beautiful diamond quilting that screams both chic’ness and Chanel.

And here is what we love about this Square WOC – it’s made from grained calfskin. Calfskin is durable and that’s exactly what you need when carrying a mini bag.

It’s called the Golden Class CC because of the elegant center lock. The center lock is created with a gold plate featuring nano studs on the corners. The center is refined with a 3D CC logo of which appears to be hanging. It’s a gorgeous bag, one that will make a lot of people envy.

The Interior

The Square WOC features a zip pocket, central compartment, credit card slots. And there is even room for an iPhone 7+. For a small bag, it’s quite amazing. And there is a lot of space to organize your belongings.

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The Prices And Sizes

Style code A84519, measuring 5.7’ x 6.7’ x 2.4’ inches, priced at $2800 USD, $3550 CAD, €2530 EUR, £2270 GBP, $4250 SGD, $22200 HKD, $4090 AUD, 12950 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Whenever we have a special event coming up, it can be easy to overspend on our outfit and justify it with phrases like “Well, it’s just this once”, “it’s worth it” and “everyone’s going to be there!” Whether it’s the expectations of others or of ourselves, spending an extortionate amount of money seems to be the norm for many formal events, even if we don’t really have the funds for it. But what if we didn’t have to spend that much at all? What if the celebrity styles which cost thousands of pounds, can actually be found for under £100? Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or business event, the key to finding a beautiful garment for less is 1. To know where to look and 2. Believe that it’s out there. Celebs and high-end designers have a way of lulling us into believing we need to spend the most to get the best, but as many can attest to, this is certainly not always the case. From red carpet wardrobe mishaps to ludicrously overpriced $2,145 Ikea bag, sometimes spending less money and more time finding the right outfit is best for both you and your bank account.


Shopping online has many advantages, from avoiding the chaotic atmosphere of the high street to getting the best price through online promotions. However, when it comes to clothes shopping for a special occasion, some people are still keen to hit the shops to make sure they find the right fit. However, with many online stores such as ASOS now offering a “Try Before you Buy” service, you can try on your outfit as you would in store, and send it back just as easily if you don’t like it. Plus, trying outfits on in your home gives you more time to think and feel confident in your new fashion purchase.

Smart Shopping – For those looking to save on an outfit, it will come as no surprise that shopping in the sale can often land you a good discount. But another aspect to shopping online is websites such as Promo Codes For which offer money off thousands of designer stores, to save on the perfect new piece for your event. Explore designer stores such as Van Mildert with up to 70% off in the Outlet so you can get a beautiful Michael Kors Midi Dress for just £59 rather than £195. Carrying deals on thousands of brands, you can explore shops which specialise in discounts on designer clothing such as Brand Alley, Get the Label and Secret Sales.

Photo: Zara
Photo: Zara


With places such as Brand Alley, Get the Label and Secret Sales you can find big bargains on designer brands from Armani to Versace. However, whether shopping online or in store, there are also many ways to get red carpet styles without the designer label. Anyone who has read fashion magazines or celebrity culture news websites will probably be familiar with the section where they find styles which look just like celebrity outfits, and this isn’t a rarity. Many designer’s creations can be found in an almost identical (and sometimes in better) design in high street stores such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Zara. The physical differences are often minimal, and although the designer clothing might be better quality, with hundreds of pounds between two very similar items, it might be best to make a slight compromise, especially if it will only be worn for big events. 


Never underestimate your local charity shops, especially when you are looking to find a designer outfit on a budget. When we think of browsing the charity shops, people often assume that they won’t find anything luxury enough for a special occasion; and granted it could take a while to find the perfect garment for your event. However, if you have a few spare minutes in the day such as your lunch break at work or you find a little time at the weekend, you may well find some hidden gems, especially if you shop in the more affluent areas of your home town. You can even scope out the charity shops which celebrities donate tomost, and save on some outfits which may well have actually hit the red carpet. Hit the shops early on and don’t be disheartened if you don’t find what you are looking for straight away. If you don’t find an outfit for your event, you may well find some stylish accessories or a perfectly fitting pair of designer jeans for a night out on the town.

When planning for any special event, getting the perfect outfit is often top of everyone’s list. Seeing celebrities on the red carpet looking like a million dollars, makes many of us feel like a celebrity ourselves when we dress up for an occasion. It’s this desire to look and feel amazing just for this event which can spur us on to overspend when we can look incredible without spending money we don’t have. But instead of giving in to the idea that an expensive outfit is a good one, seeing how you can get exactly what you want at a discount price can be the difference between a great event tainted by later regret, and a wonderful experience with money left over to create many more unforgettable memories.

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Bella Hadid stars in Chrome Hearts' spring-summer 2018 campaign
Bella Hadid stars in Chrome Hearts’ spring-summer 2018 campaign

Supermodel Bella Hadid returns as the face of Chrome Hearts‘ spring-summer 2018 campaign. The brunette beauty joins male model Jordan Barrett for the advertisements. Photographed by Laurie Lynn Stark, Bella shows some skin in the brand’s sleek eyewear and glittering jewelry. The 21-year-old also showcases her recent eyewear collaboration with Chrome Hearts. Elizabeth Sulcer styles the shoot with hair by Jen Atkin and Nina Park on makeup.

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Chrome Hearts taps Bella Hadid for its spring-summer 2018 campaign
Chrome Hearts taps Bella Hadid for its spring-summer 2018 campaign
Jordan Barrett and Bella Hadid front Chrome Hearts' spring-summer 2018 campaign
Jordan Barrett and Bella Hadid front Chrome Hearts’ spring-summer 2018 campaign
Bella Hadid wears chic sunglasses in Chrome Hearts' spring-summer 2018 campaign
Bella Hadid wears chic sunglasses in Chrome Hearts’ spring-summer 2018 campaign

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Can you hear the silence? Can you taste the freshness? Can you sense the minimal beauty of the Celine Purse With Eyelets Bag? Introduced for the Summer 2018 Collection, a complete new streamlined handbag with a unique twist. Now, can you find that ‘twist’?

The Design


The Purse With Eyelets Bag is another work of art. For now, it’s a seasonal item, but I’m sensing that it might return in the next season and the season there after, because the bag is just too attractive. The body feels completely smooth and it still holds shape. The double short handles contribute to the overall feminine look.

But the bag is called Purse With Eyelets, which explains the two eyelets in gold hardware on the front. The eyelets have been used to connect an extra leather strap and its probably going to function as a slot handclasp. You might be able to slide your hand inside, to carry it as clutch.

It also features a brass closure and the bag made from smooth calfskin. So you like?

The Interior

Beautiful and spacious, but without the bulky and oversized look. That’s fabulous right? Inside this bag you will find three compartments with one zipped pocket.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 13’ x 8’ x 3’ inches, priced at $3750 USD, €2600 EUR, £2400 GBP, $4750 SGD, $29000 HKD, $4650 AUD, ¥415000 JPY, ¥27000 CNY via Celine boutiques.

More Images And Colors




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Italian designer Giorgio Armani showcased his fall-winter 2018 collection during Milan Fashion Week. The show opened with his signature grey and beige color palette in loose-fitting separates and suiting. As the models walked the runway, Armani introduced pretty pastel blush tones with cropped pants and blooming shorts. Touches of fur brought nordic vibes with oversized hats as well as voluminous sleeves. For evening wear looks, Armanicreated embellished and beaded jackets. Gowns and dresses with sparkling details rounded out the elegant designs.


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Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The horse races are a key event in many people’s social calendars, even those who don’t particularly follow the sport. The Grand National is watched by an estimated 600 million people worldwide, and so it’s not one to ignore.

But you could actually be there. The Grand National and other horse races are society events, not just sporting ones. So, how should a total newbie to the circuit dress and act?


As with any event, it helps to know a little bit about its background in order to fit in. There is no point going to all the effort in the way you dress, unless you are willing to respect what the Grand National is actually all about.

70,000 people attend its home at Liverpool’s Aintree Racecourse and watch as the horses and their jockeys compete. The thrill is in its unpredictability – this is truly anyone’s game. Learn a little about each favourite horse and their chances of success. A beautiful dress is even more of a winner on someone who can actually win!


The key to style at the Grand National is extravagant yet elegant. You need to go the extra mile – this isn’t just any day out. 

Dresses should be classic and classy; dainty and full of decorum. It’s pertinent to pay attention to the latest trends, but you don’t want to be a clone of everyone else. If you can afford to, consider having one made. At the very least, try not to go off the rack. You can look to Spring/Summer look books for inspiration.

Floral, lace and chiffon materials with a feminine cut never go out of fashion, and they’re light enough so that they’re perfect for spring. It’s encouraged to wear a hat to really make an occasion of the whole thing.

Of course, hair and make up is important as well. It’s worth paying extra to opt for a particular style. A full coverage yet natural day look for make up is best, although if it’s particularly hot, less is more. Nobody wants it falling off their face! When it comes to hair, up-dos are stunning. However, if you are opting for a hat, half-up-half-down will work great.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


Sometimes in the quest for being best dressed, some people think outside of the box a little too much. Unfortunately, this leaves them open to criticism in the media, who are often out to snap the best (and sadly worst) dressed. It’s best to stick to something which transcends the test of time. 

You should take note of the unofficial dress code of the event as well – you’ll find that although it’s not too prescriptive, it’s important to be smartly dressed. They even refer to a Coco Chanel quote; “dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. 

It’s also important not to lose your dignity by drinking too much. We’ve all seen those “before and after” adverts. You’re paying a lot to look amazing on the day – you don’t want to ruin it by indulging too much. The last thing you want is to be photographed for all the wrong reasons. Have a great time by all means, but don’t take it too far. 

All in all, the Grand National has potential to be a fantastic day. Gather your girls, book those hair and make up appointments and have some real fun shopping!

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