Pixie Lott Lets her Sophia Webster Sandals Peek Out from Under Her Dress

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Here’s Pixie Lott, British famous person who might be unfamiliar to Americans, walking the red carpet at the Olivier Awards (which recognize excellence in London’s professional theater scene). She’s wearing Sophia Webster Amanda Sandals, which add a nice flash of color and sparkle to an ensemble that might otherwise seem a bit too sexy-serious. Pixie’s Sophia Websters are currently available for $595.

Sophia Webster just unveiled her Fall 2015 collection last month, and if you like what you see here, I highly recommend you take a gander. Webster is insanely popular with UK celebs, and rightly so. She was recently tapped by Coca-Cola to design a CC logo-adorned pump, which you can see Rita Ora wearing here.

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Do you see something you like?

It’s not a big surprise to let you know that Chanel sells ballerinas; they are available in every season, in Paris and Tokyo.

Sorry, no surprises.

And throughout the years, we have seen Chanel designing all sorts of flats – with pearls, no pearls, with bows, no bows, with silk or jersey, with or no CC charm.

But somehow these new introduced Chanel Timeless Patent Flats captured my attention, I don’t know, it could be the picture with flats laying next to each other, in different colors.

All of them please!

I mean it’s summer right? And you need to choose the right color for the right outfit. They all look nice, choosing is going to be your hardest task, not swiping your card!

But anyways, these Chanel Timeless Patent flats come with a CC logo and a cute bow on the toe. It’s made with a small heel and they’re crafted from calfskin.

You will love it.

Style code: G02819, priced around $750 USD via Chanel boutique.







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Kelly Ripa Wears Gianvito Rossi Pumps to Visit David Letterman

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Kelly Ripa recently stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman for the sole purpose of entertaining everyone with impressions of her 13-year-old daughter (so far as I can tell). She wore a beautiful pair of navy blue Gianvito Rossi Suede Pumps for the occasion. You can find Kelly’s exact pumps

Kelly’s Gianvito Rossis are perfectly color-matched to her blue and green flannel top. Flannel and sequins may seem like the most unlikely of bedfellows, but I think they look pretty amazing together here. I don’t imagine Kelly gets to bust out the sequins too often on daytime TV, but it’s a great look for the late night circuit.

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Start Saving: You’re Going to Want to Pre-Order Chloe Gosselin’s Newest Collection

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Chloe Gosselin_10

By now, you’re all aware of the name Chloe Gosselin. We’ve been watching Gosselin since the debut of her eponymous line in Fall 2014, and after following her collections, we declared her one of the 2015 shoe designers to watch. Her brand is evolving successfully, and I think it’s safe to say Fall 2015 is Chloe’s strongest collection yet.

First, while Gosselin uses exquisite exotics, she also continues to experiment with new materials, and this season, she dabbles with fur in a way that feels like it won’t impede the function of the shoe. For instance, she uses it as a sexy ankle trimming–no floor-dusting, we promise. We’ll also see new silhouettes added to this collection, such as feminine loafers, thigh-highs and low ankle boots. The low ankle boots and evening loafers are a wise addition to the growing collection because her luxury aesthetic translates seamlessly to everyday silhouettes, which will please her loyal fan base as well as attract newcomers.

From a business perspective, this is also the first time the brand is partnering with a major retailer, Moda Operandi. You can pre-order Chloe Gosselin’s Fall 2015 collection now through Monday, April 6th.

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Celine Espadrilles For Spring Summer 2015 Collection

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Because I am feeling the summer (and you hope you too), let’s talk more in depth about Espadrille.

Just to let you know, Espadrille are absolutely ‘must haves’, if you’re not yet stocking them in your wardrobe – it’s time to do so.

So start swiping your credit card.

Which Espadrille I love?

No other than the Celine Espadrille Slipper in red and white stripes. These shoes are made from cotton, which is what you should put on your feet. Cottons are relaxed and extremely comfy for the summer (especially the hot days).

They are easy to wear, just slide into your feet and you’re good to go.

And besides, I love the colors and styles. These Celine Espadrille Slippers in Cotton are also available in white and black. Priced at €350 euro.


If you love black and leather slippers, we also have a different style for ya. Take the Espadrille Slipper in calfskin. It’s basically the same as with cotton – we mean the design. It’s still beautiful and is only slightly more expensive. Priced at €380 euro, also available in bright red.


For those that are all-into-luxury, the Celine Espadrille Slippers are also made in stamped crocodile leather. They are in colors like Navy and Tan and they are priced at €400 euro.

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25 Pale Shoes To Help Us Get in the Spring Spirit

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Valentino Rockstud Kitten-Heel Pumps

It doesn’t quite yet feel like spring just yet here in New York City–in fact, it snowed on the first day of spring last week. Clearly, we are not on Mother Nature’s good side. While we haven’t been able to shed our winter boots just yet, I think it’s safe to say we are all in need of a pick-me-up, and these sugary-sweet shades are just the thing.

Springs softest shades are everywhere this season, but they feel fresh and a bit more modern than in years past. The refreshingly pale makeover sprinkled onto some of our favorite footwear is just what we need to assure us that spring will start to feel likes spring soon enough.

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