Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection


No one does feminine fashion as breathtakingly as Elie Saab does. We always expect couture-like designs from the Lebanese fashion designer no matter it’s a haute couture presentation, spring or summer collections or ones designed for the in-between seasons. The Elie Saabpre-fall 2015 collection came up to our expectations and our eyes were pleased at the sight of these divine, totally out-of-this-world dresses and separates. For the new transitional season, the designer wanted to break the common rules and bring something totally unexpected as to what we are used to seeing. As he said: “Pre-collections are becoming increasingly important for the brand. Our customers are constantly looking for standout and unique pieces.”

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

“Folk fantasy with modern nomad in mind” is the theme of the brand-new Elie Saab pre-fall 2015 collection, which brings luxurious floral patterns and embroidery, dresses with breathtaking full skirts, lots of fine lace, harvest inspirations and luxurious fur. Whether it’s a little black dress, some tailored trousers or a refined gown, every single piece in the collection seems to have been made with special and luxurious occasions in mind, and they all target those classy women with an exquisite taste who have multiple occasions to sport them.

For the undeniably luxurious appeal Saab picked only rich colors for his designs, from the timeless black and red to juicy purple. There were also pieces drenched in soft dusty pink shade that looked so sober and elegant. It was the shade of a strappy beaded gown with a thin belt on the waist, a full skirt dress teamed with a little fur jacket, a similar style only with a shortened length, a sizzling coat with fur sleeves and many other designs that stood out with their exquisite designs and intricate detailing.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

The folksy motif was present in each and every design showcased, whether it was a piece featuring fox fur, horsehair or brocade with floral patchwork, whether it was a dress or a chic outerwear designed to make an equally big statement. No wonder, the Elie Saab pre-fall 2015 collection was pretty to bits and the right thing the brand’s customers look for every season.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

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PurseForum Roundup – December 12


Dior Bag

We made it through another week, Roundup readers! We know some of you are really getting hammered by winter weather, and we hope you can forget your woes and come along with us on our weekly romp through the PurseForumChristian Louboutin caught our eyes this week, along with some new purchases in Proenza Schouler. You know there is lots more in store, so get comfortable and join us.

Christmas Tree

Today’s Christmas tree comes to you straight from Chanel. Cyndee has shared her tree, plus many more decorating ideas that will make any Chanel lover’s heart sing. For more Christmas trees, drop by the tPF Christmas Tree thread in Home and Garden. 

Another hot conversation in Chanel this week is happening in the Winter Sale thread, and this conversation comes with lots of pictures of the goodies that our members have snapped up.

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Bag

Also in Chanel, Styledbyher revealed a gorgeous new bag this week, and we are absolutely loving the bags we are seeing in “easy caviar.” For more on this great leather that really lives up to its name, visit this thread for lots of pictures and discussion.

There are many more reveals in Chanel this week, including this jumbo double flap from tsuarsawanminionlove’s double reveal of her early Christmas presents andRubysiopers01′s special reveal, which includes some great snaps that travelers will certainly appreciate.

Aloha in Sand

In the Jewelry Box, our jade lovers continue to send Courage, the traveling jade banglearound the world on her adventures. This week, Courage landed in Hawai’i, where junkenpo showed her the town in fine style. Elsewhere, Everything Posh showed off a nice reveal with a Christmas theme–be sure to check out her new Cartier Love bangle, with diamonds!

Rolex and Chanel Bag

Roundup regulars know we love to pop into the Layering and Stacking thread, and you should, too–there is a stack for every budget. This week, we pull out all the stops with our selection: Bling Addict certainly lived up to her name with her stack; we had to share this eyepopping combintation, which includes Van Cleef and Arpels, Chanel, Cartier and Rolex!

Proenza Schouler Clutch

Do you love a bargain? If you do (and who doesn’t?), you will absolutely love this swoonworthy pochette from klynneann, whose first Proenza Schouler is a stunner with an out-of-this-world price tag! The conversation around the PS Spring 2015 colors just kicked off, and you will not want to miss it. Proenza Schouler‘s amazing rich colors never disappoint.

If you are on the hunt for your first PS bag, you will want to check out our Intel thread, as well as our reference library, where you can find plenty of help when it comes time to make your selection.

Christian Louboutin Python Pumps

If you like your reveals with a dash of nostalgia and a look back at a blockbuster movie, then you will love what _Danielle_ has in store for you this week in Christian Louboutin. Thiscinematically rich reveal includes not one, not two but three pairs of incredible shoes, and we were hard pressed to choose just one to picture here. How’d we do? There are plenty of shoes to swoon over in TinaX’s collection thread, and you will want to sit down for this one.

Christian Louboutin Double Pumps

We couldn’t leave Louboutin without checking into the New Purchases thread, and honestly, there are so many wonderful shoes in there we needed to remember to breathe. For3v3rz shared some very pretty pumps, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Drop in to see what else our members have added to their already incredible collections–you won’t be sorry.

Tod's Boots

We didn’t forget about those of you who are slogging around in real weather, so here is alovely pair of boots from Tod’s, brought to you by pattyui, who we think made a fine choice. Also, Frenziedhandbag scored a new wallet in one of our favorite colors. Tod’s is a quiet little subforum, but it’s definitely a place to find great leather goods.

Dior Bag

And speaking of lovely leather goods, look what smudlybear shared in Dior this week. Drop by this thread to see the surprise this little gem has inside and try the Dior Action thread for more Dior in the wild.


It’s time to wrap up this Roundup, and what better way to do it than with a tasty dessert from the I Ate This Thread in the Kitchen! We dropped in on a whim, and we are sure glad we did.

Stay safe and warm, dear friends. We know this is a busy and often stressful time of year, and we appreciate so much that you chose to spend a bit of your day with us here and on the PurseForum. Have a wonderful week and see you right here next week.

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Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection


Vera Wang apparently loves the magic she can create with the timeless black color. After shocking the crowd with her out-of-this-world black wedding dresses and two successive seasons painted in this gloomy shade, the designer still can’t envision any other hues for her designs and makes black the protagonist of the Vera Wangpre-fall 2015 collection as well. And if you still don’t know how to wear black from head to toe and look great, just trust Wang, as she shows all the style rules you need to stick to in order to create mesmerizing looks with this timeless shade and to never look monotonous. Picking a powerful, statement piece is the primary step to black perfection, and the focus should be placed on creating texture and layering, which is exactly what Wang has done in her new collection.

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

For the 2015 transitional season, the Vera Wang girl is elegant, but extremely relaxed and carefree, wearing perfectly tailored pieces, which are at times oversized, at times embellished with shaggy goat sleeves, and sometimes looking highly festive in sparkly sequins. Her makeup is barely there in all the looks, and her hair is left natural with a ratty beachy texture. On any occasion and in every single look she manages to show lots of attitude and charisma, proving black is a cakewalk for her.

One cannot stop falling in love with the luxury and versatility of the black color, and if you have been always shying away from it considering it too blue and boring, you probably have missed the Vera Wang pre-fall 2015 collection. The line opens with a chic black outerwear jacket, where statement-making goat sleeves make the model resemble a dark raven ready to fly to feel the freedom. The outerwear is mainly oversized, slightly shaggy, yet undeniably chic and beautiful. There is a subtle Goth touch in the majority of the designs, and it may be because of the all-black mood, yet it’s pretty pleasant to the eye.

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

The play with texture is present in the collection not only through the use of fur, but also sequins, sensual lace, tulle and delicate chiffon, which look simply breathtaking in combination with much rougher outerwear and occasional shoes. There are some to-die-for lace dresses and tops matched with knee-length tailored shorts, below-the-knee strappy leather dresses, a combination one with a pleated leather skirt and a myriad of other designs cut at different lengths, featuring various fabrics and perfect for different occasions. Also think fur vests, fluid wide-leg tailored pants, short shorts, lovely tops and sequined separates and you’ll understand all the charm of this Vera Wang dark drama.

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

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What to Wear Red Lipstick With: 6 Trendy Ideas


No matter what the season’s beauty trends are, every woman needs to have the perfect shade of red lipstick for those glam occasions when trying to look like a real femme fatale. Wearing a red lipstick is the right beauty decision you may make when attending special events and getting ready for the holiday season. Moreover, it has actually become an inseparable component of a modern girl’s beauty bag for almost all occasions, since you can always go out completely bare-faced wearing a tint of red on your lips, looking refreshed and powerful. What to wear a red lipstick with is one of the most common questions fashionisers deciding to opt for this passionate and bright shade ask and sometimes not knowing the correct answer they shy away from wearing it, giving preference to traditional nude lipsticks that don’t have specific rules of wearing them. Despite the fact that red lipstick has become more and more popular recently, certain rules of wearing it still remain firm and you definitely need to learn how to choose a red lipstick according to your clothing and vice versa if you want to have a flawless look.

What to Wear Red Lipstick With: 6 Trendy Ideas

Red lipstick can become a dramatic accent spicing up both your darkly colored and bright outfits and adding so much sexuality to your overall appearance. While it easily makes perfect pairs with a number of clothing colors, the preferred option is wearing a red lipstick with more subdued and dark pieces. Unless you are a blonde with a fair skin tone, make sure to always avoid such controversial combinations as red lipstick with pastel colors.

In order to create the most harmonious color combinations with your clothing, one style trick you can always adhere to is picking colder shades of scarlet red lipstick (with undertones of silver, blue, green and gray) and warmer shades of berry red lipstick (with undertones of brown, terracotta, yellow and orange). Generally, the most important step is finding the right red lipstick shade for your skin tone. In this respect, girls with pale skin are advised to go for cold red shades with a raspberry or violet tint, while those with a neutral skin tone should give their preference to classic reds. Women with olive or darker skin tones are recommended to pick deep red, cherry, burgundy, brick red and orange red shades. In case you don’t know exactly what skin tone you have, you can do a “metallic” test. If gold flatters you most of all, you have a warm skin tone and you can go for red lipsticks with honey, golden, brown, brick or coral undertones. On the other hand, if silver jewelry looks best on you, you need a red lipstick with bluish undertone, as well as fuchsia red, magenta, deep red or bright cherry shades.

See also: Fresh Ideas For Wearing A Red Dress

These 6 trendy ideas of wearing red lipstick with various clothing pieces can become a fantastic source of inspiration for you to come up with professional looks perfect for different occasions!

#1: Red Lipstick with Black

Wearing a red lipstick with a little black dress is the go-to look you can consider any time you want, whether you are getting ready for a cocktail party or just want to look modern and sexy when meeting your friends. That can be any outfit in black, such as an elegant jumpsuit, a skirt or pants suit, a maxi or mini dress. Any shade of red will look simply perfect with black clothing and you are always free to experiment with interesting accessorizing and styling details too, such as heels, belts, jewelry or clutches. Golden hues will especially look great with these two shades especially when you are creating a holiday image. One tip you need to consider is to do your best to create the most flawless complexion, since on the backdrop of monochrome black it’s the red lipstick that will attract loads of attention to your face, which you’ll definitely want to look picture perfect.

#2: Red Lipstick with White

If you want to stay on the safe side, you can always pick neutral tones for your clothing when wearing a red lipstick. You can never go wrong with crisp white outfits complemented with any shade of red lipstick. A red lipstick will give lots of character, charisma and personality to your monochrome white looks, regardless of the occasion you rock this look and the time of the year. Metallic jewelry details and a pair of black pumps, for instance, will make your evening white look ideally complete!

What to Wear Red Lipstick With

#3: Red Lipstick with Gray

If you really want to look unique and modern, you may skip the classic combination of red lipstick and black and instead pick gray as the primary color for your clothing. A bright red lipstick will instantly jazz up a monochrome gray outfit, be it a jumpsuit or a dress. You are welcome to try both matte effect and glossy red lipstick, depending on the time of the day you wear it and on the look you want to create.

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#4: Red Lipstick with Metallic Colors

Yet another timeless and chic color union is that of a red lipstick with metallic clothing pieces, be that silver or gold. Wearing red lipstick with a silver or gold dress is the easiest way of creating spectacular and glam-glitzy party looks especially during the festive season. You can go for simpler styles of dresses, since metallic tones are rich enough to make a statement. A simple A-line dress inspired from the twenties will be the right thing for you. While red lipstick will create the Ice Queen look with silver clothing pieces, it’ll look extremely warm with golden pieces.

#5: Red Lipstick with Purple Clothing

Vibrant colors spiced up with an accent of bright can look pretty dangerous, but also hot and impressive if you have been guided by the correct rules of color blocking. You may have never thought that wearing a red lipstick with various shades of purple can lead to ultimately gorgeous looks ready for party nights and even office wear. You may break the overload of too intense shades by opting for accessorizing details in golden or nude shades, or being even more creative and injecting a bit of animal patterns to your looks. Think leopard printed shoes, for instance. This is an image of a strong and self-confident woman, who never shies away from extra attention. When wearing such a look to the office, try to pick a matte red lipstick in order to slightly tone down your look and not to violate any dress codes.

#6: Red Lipstick with Neon and Bright Shades

Getting ready for a crazy night in the club? Think as bright as you can! You can create the most eye-popping look, picking bright and neon shades to wear with red lipstick and if you want to slightly tone down your look make sure you go for the third neutral color, such as black. For instance, you can wear a black skirt with a dark green top with neon green prints on it and finish off your look with the same neon green tone for the sandals and of course a red lipstick. Since neon colors may be really dangerous, you certainly need to first learn how to wear neon colors and then stick to the basic color blocking rules to build up the most effective party looks.

Red lipstick also can be worn with a red dress, which will make you look extremely party ready, as well as with deep shades of blues, yellows, neutral and nude shades. At the end of the day how can you not call it a versatile lip color?

Photos courtesy of Gary Pepper Girl, Kayture

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10 Beauty Secrets You Can Steal From French Women

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Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2015 Collection


The Altuzarra pre-fall 2015 collectiontruly captures all the essence of the transitional season fashion, bringing pieces that look and feel warm enough for those chilly days, but are also so appropriate for summer wear too. “It has to be something you can wear during the summer, but it needs to look like fall on the floor,” said Joseph Altuzarra explaining the idea behind this marvelous line. From the charming color palette chosen and the great attention to details, cuts, slits and prints to the sleek and modern silhouettes and jaw-dropping designs, the Altuzarra pre-fall 2015 collection has all the perspectives to instantly become your one-stop destination for really chic transitional fashion.

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

The traditional hunting uniforms of the British countryside have served as a fantastic source of inspiration for Altuzarra to present this pretty autumnal collection drenched in lovely khakis and featuring summer-ready lightweight fabrics. Besides all those khakis, the collection also brings lots of blacks, navy blues, whites and bold animal patterns, which look so sensual and to the point. He surprisingly managed to combine the characteristic features of an aristocratic British wardrobe with modern edginess using his sharp tailoring and absolutely brilliant details, including those sexy slits and cuts, the lacing and waist-enhancing belts.

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Two highly demanded styles can be found in the Altuzarra pre-fall 2015 collection: the casual fashion with military influences and the elegant and classy that the working class ladies need, as well as those so much in need of some feminine fashion. While khaki shades and slightly oversized pockets are the primary details defining the former style in the collection, the latter is characterized by clean lines and shapes that emphasize a woman’s perfect silhouette while still managing to look modest. Stylish jumpsuits, calvary coats, parkas and vests featuring white Mongolian fur, knee-length skirts and simple tops fall under the former category, while those stylish pencil skirts with side slits, blazers, the classy shirts and the elegant skirt suits are for those days when you strive to feel and look maximum classy.

The Altuzarra pre-fall 2015 collection also has a couple of ensembles for evening wear, including the dusty pink wrap dress and the identical skirt worn with a loose white blouse, and the animal patterned knee-length dresses. Every item in this line is made to stun and we are more than sure you are already in love with this collection! At least we are! Hopelessly…

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

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Spring 2015 Trend of Asymmetrical Hems Skirts: How to Wear


The asymmetrical skirt hems are back on the runway and they look sexier than ever in the spring/ summer 2015 fashion season. We’ve already seen the high slits – they’ve been spotted in all the top brand stores already. Now, we’re looking at the skirt with longer sides and more legs shown, albeit in a classier manner for the most part. Some pieces seem to hit the top of the thighs though and that is a bit on the racier side. The fashion industry serves to appeal to the masses though and if there’s a market for a specific style, it will be walked down that runway.

Spring 2015 Trend of Asymmetrical Hems Skirts: How to Wear

Spring 2015 skirts reimagine the sex-appeal and slice up those hems, sometimes diagonally, sometimes in more relaxed draping, often sassy or flirty, and at times even cascading down over the knees. The idea is to be sexy without trying too hard as the asymmetrical skirts are the next season’s biggest statements. From sturdy fabrics to diaphanous chiffons, the skirts are worn in all lengths, all style, both with bold prints and subtle designs. In order to keep your outfits chic and refined these are the best ways to wear your asymmetrical skirts and dress hems in 2015!

Easy and Breezy

During the day you want to keep things effortless, flowing against your silhouette with weightless fabrics and relaxed shapes sporting more pastel colors. If the hem start high on the hip, let it fall somewhere around the knee to keep things more appropriate and chic. To show your playful side, add some prints to the mix and pair the outfit with textured waves in natural boho style, ankle straps and perhaps button-downs. If you are wearing a dress with an asymmetrical hem, opt for the parachute silhouettes, wear your hair in a bun and go for flatter sandals.

How to Wear Asymmetrical Skirts in 2015

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Add an Edge

Leathers, black coloring and more tomboyish lines are great if you want to be wearing this signature piece from the runway with a really distinct edge. Diagonally sliced miniskirts look great with matching leather jackets while the tighter fit of the leathers are eased up a little with a looser sweater with slogans written all over. It’s an effortless balance and can be worn day or night. You can also go for a dress that you layer over with a slightly transparent but tailored blazer while boots add a bit more of a tough edge to the look overall.

How to Wear Asymmetrical Dresses in 2015

Going Sporty

There’s a new trend with sports-luxe tones all about it and the asymmetrical skirt is certainly getting into the mix as well. This way we have the sex appeal in the luxurious athletic quality of the style. What you should be doing here is choosing one of the two trends to dominate while the other becomes more of an accent. For example, you can have a sporty dress with an asymmetrical hem that looks pretty amazing when also mixed with the bare-faced trend and the ponytail. Add heels and you have a great combo. You can also layer the sporty sheer top over a bandeau and skirt combo, toning down the sexiness without compromising the appeal of the look.

Spring 2015 Asymmetrical Hems Trend

Talk About Glamour

This is stepping into evening-wear territory and you can hardly go wrong at this point. Young and short needs the refreshment of the trending hem, with graphic accents and a hit of color, finished off with bolder makeup on the lips and an even bolder pair of pumps. Soft pastel hues also look pretty amazing and positively lady-like with minimal makeup and a simple hairstyle to finish it off while you can opt for either flats or heels.

Spring 2015 Asymmetrical Skirt Trend

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The Little White Dress

Such a pretty look for the spring season, the little white dress looks positively dashing with the asymmetrical hem to add to the sensual essence of the perfect warmer-weather staple. During the day, it’s best to look effortlessly put-together with a shirtdress exposing shoulders, tightly belted and a simple heel to complete it while hair is let down in a center part. At night, however, shine like a goddess with a mix of bodycon and fit-to-flare designs. A single shoulder design gives it edge, while the hem adds to the sexy. Ankle-strap heels are a lovely way to finish off the look.

Spring 2015 Asymmetrical Dress Trend

Going Sexy

The hems in this cut are sexy unto themselves so when you try to bring out an edgier sexy look, you really get more than what you bargained for. The casual fall of uneven lines that highlight the legs and reveal just about enough skin to pique the interest of a potential partner often whisper pure sex appeal. These styles work best after the sun sets and you are ready to rock the town. Go for the glamorous look along with the sexy, keeping styling to a minimum and adding a pair of statement heels instead while the actual outfit has subtle cut-outs at the hemline, is of darker hues and sleeker silhouettes. The ultra-sexy look would include a super short hem with a chic button-down shirt that has been unbuttoned part of the way, and/or a lovely blazer that can either go extremely sexy with little left to the imagination or a bit toned down but enough to look positively risqué. In either case, these asymmetrical skirts are a whole load of sexy so you don’t need to try to be.

Ways of Wearing Spring 2015 Asymmetrical Hems Trend

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