20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear


During the upcoming year, we are bound to see the shorter hairstyles appearing more and more, but for those planning on chopping down on their locks, it may be a good idea to check out some of the best short hairstyles the celebrities are sporting these days. Spring is normally the best time to go short in either case as it dignifies a new beginning as well as being rather practical. Come summertime, shorter hair or medium length at that point, is desirable to longer locks as there is less to weigh down and you will sweat decidedly less. Winter chops, particularly with the coming of the new year are also pretty common, though it may be better to keep the hair long until you no longer need the protective warmth of it on your nape. Here are some amazing short hairdos by celebrity women, who have gone to short chops and pixie cuts.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear

1. Charlize Theron Curly Short Hairstyle

If you want to look elegant in your short hairdo, while appearing fabulously young despite your age, go the Charlize Theron style and dress to impress with curly locks pushed back for full volume. Needless to say, she looks stunning and we can definitely recommend this look to women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. It’s got a retro look that cannot be denied while opening up the features that you have highlighted with your makeup. A touch of mascara accompanying red lips completes the look.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Charlize Theron

2. Karlie Kloss Textured Short Hairstyle

International supermodel Karlie Kloss knows how to show off her pretty features, which has led her to coining her own “Karlie” hairdo. It’s as pretty as she is, textured in cut and with side swept bangs. The longest pieces reach the top of her neck when lightly waved. She looks lovely rather angelic, which is fitting since she’s most definitely a favourite Victoria’s Angel model. She’s due to find her way onto the stage once again within the month as the long awaited VS show finally opens up in London.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Karlie Kloss

3. Julia Garner Afro Short Hairstyle

No one can argue that Julia Garner’s fabulous Afro isn’t the most beautiful head of curls we’ve ever seen. It’s so amazingly retro, chic and glamorous that we cannot help but envy the perfection of her naturally voluminous ‘do. With gorgeous blue eyes and light blonde hair, she looks like the perfect doll. Moreover, rosy lips, full and bold lashes as well as dusted cheeks truly have her reminding us of one of those precious porcelain dolls we adored as children.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Julia Garner

4. Reese Witherspoon Retro Short Bob

She’s always been stunning, but this latest retro inspired hairstyle that has turned her bob into a blonde lob is actually rather interesting. It may not be the best style she’s ever worn, but come holiday time, you might want to go for something a little different and this is one wavy look you can definitely opt for. It’s chic and perfectly coiffed, something that is bound to grab some attention out on the town.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Reese Witherspoon

5. Jaimie Alexander Textured Pixie

Opting for the less is more style that’s in for the 2015 spring season, Jaimie Alexander has decided to chop up her locks into a gorgeous textured pixie cut that frames her face perfectly. It’s almost too perfect, giving off the illusion that she will sprout translucent wings and sprinkle fairy dust on us. The choppy layered cut is certainly one you can copy for your own hair if your face shape is a similar style. Make sure you are always careful about the type of pixie cut you get, ensuring it corresponds with your features.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Jaimie Alexander

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6. Evan Rachel Wood Smooth Short Bob

Gorgeous bobs don’t get better than Evan Rachel Wood’s smooth and straight look. It’s short, it’s sleek and it’s certainly one of the most sophisticated cuts we’ve seen. She looks positively radiant, particularly with her bright red lipstick and bold lashes fanning her eyes to complete the look. Ensuring a slight texture as well, this side-parted volume-infused look is certainly a holiday ‘do you may want to consider.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Evan Rachel Wood

7. Beyoncé Knowles Wob

When it comes to short bobs, Beyoncé Knowles really knows how to glam it up. Looking entirely too fabulous with her soft waves falling to just below the ears, the international superstar knows how to dress up those locks of hers. A center part adds to the volume around the edges of the cut, making her short bob a look most would be envious of. Combined with bold lashes on cat eyes and simple glossy lips, not to mention snakeskin larger disk earrings, this look is too lovely for words alone.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Beyonce Knowles

8. Anne Hathaway Short Wavy Bob

We’ve seen Anne Hathaway with a wide array of hairstyles, including an extremely short cut on Les Miserables. She’s rather good in playing chameleon, her acting and appearance blending in with the movie’s theme in which she plays. Her soft short bob, however, is probably the most suited for her off-screen appearance, knowing her sass and sweet nature. A side-parted wavy look with the edges curling inward towards the base of her throat, this retro-style elegance is certainly the right look for the lovely actress. It’s also a look one can easily emulate as it takes little in terms of maintenance and simply requires sleek texture.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Anne Hathaway

9. Sienna Miller Slicked-Back Short Hairstyle

A red carpet look is easily achieved with a short cut and Sienna Miller proved this with her stunning appearance. Slicking back her straight blonde tendrils, the face has been opened up to shine brightly while her makeup denotes she is indeed not a boy, despite the boyish cut. There’s something decidedly 1990s about the look in itself, but it suits Sienna Miller’s face shape perfectly. Add thick dark lashes and bright red lipstick to the mix and there’s something positively stunning about the slightly textures slick look. It is sexy sophistication and rebellious attitude in one.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Sienna Miller

10. Karen Gillan Short Hairstyle With Bangs

If you want a glamorous feel to the shorter cut you’ve take the plunge for, you might want to do the pretty waves Karen Gillan has got going on her longer bangs. The slightly off-center part looks great with the mostly straight hair that’s had some texture added to the edges with soft flips. The earrings look spectacular, while the smoky eyes and lighter lipstick work together quite nicely to bring about a lovely overall beauty style.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Karen Gillan

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11. Marion Cotillard Sleek Bob

If you want to go simple but elegant, with a style that’s neither too short nor too long, you should stick to the sleek bob sported by Marion Cotillard, with a side part and a tuck behind the ear for added effects in the sophistication arena. It’s minimalistic, with bright eyes and glossy pink lips to compliment the look. She looks pretty and she looks casual, but most of all, she can use this look both on a date, and while strolling about the city during the day.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Marion Cotillard

12. Olympia Scarry Androgynous Short Hairstyle

If you imagine getting a really close boy cut, Olympia Scarry’s strands have been chopped into a pretty pixie that’s as close to her scalp as possible while keeping its distinctive femininity. Those eyes certainly look mesmerizing without any hair to cover their sparkling beauty, while the highlighted minimalistic makeup in general leaves Scarry looking utterly roguish in an English style. Simple gold hoops on her ears bring more of a feminine touch to her style, while the hair itself has been given texture and lift at the roots. She definitely looks very pretty and you can easily go for that look as well if you face shape matches hers.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Olympia Scarry

13. Zendaya Coleman Fringed Bob

If you are used to your longer locks and don’t want to go as short as a pixie cut, a fringed bob like Zendaya Coleman’s might be the right look for you. With pretty bangs down past her brows and gorgeous waves framing her wider face, this beauty looks spectacular and ready to be the highlight of the party. Bold long lashes and pale pink lips finish up the look quite nicely, while dangling pink earrings bring the focus to the highlights on her features.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Zendaya Coleman

14. Kelly Osbourne Mohawk

If you want to go all punk rocker on us, by all means, go for the Kelly Osbourne look! She’s got her own unique style and with pastel hair colors in for the season, you can definitely pull off a lavender short cut, possibly even a signature Mohawk if you go that way. The buzzed sides give it more of an authentic feel while a focus on the eye makeup ensures there’s a bit of a feminine touch to the look as a whole. Pretty dangling earrings will also help with that image.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Kelly Osbourne

15. Kwai Lun-Mei Mushroom Short Hairstyle

If you want to go totally different, love the mushroom cut but not enough to get it and think Kwai Lun-Mei’s style is awesome, you might want to opt to cut your hair in a way that leaves the bangs super long but shorn the rest closer to the head. Swooping bangs look great on this Taiwanese actress who has generally always worn her hair in a short bob, playing with bangs, buzz cuts and pretty side parts on straight strands.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Kwai Lun-Mei

16. Coca Rocha Structured Bob

Close-cut bobs and bangs giving a flapper vibe leave Coca Rocha looking so amazingly good, we are envious of the short shorn. This look is enough to have even the staunchest of long locks lovers standing in like to shop it all off. With the longest lengths reaching the edge of the earlobe, the straight hair looking sleek and shiny is exactly what a girl needs to rock the holiday parties beginning in 2 weeks. The Canadian supermodel certain shows off her flair as well as her baby bump these days.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Coco Rocha

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17. Toni Garrn Glam Curly Bob

There’s something rather angelic about the way Toni Garrn has been wearing her blonde locks as she channels her inner Marilyn Monroe by incorporating the late superstar’s tight curls. The side part, short cut barely brushing the top of her shoulders and that relaxed-to-curly hairstyle she has made part of her image, this beauty has an ethereal feel about her. The light mascara, rosy cheeks and red lipstick have her looking like a heavenly specter.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Toni Garrn

18. Halle Berry Spiky Pixie

When going for the super short looks but with an added edge to the design, using Halle Berry as your role model may be a good enough idea as that woman has been rocking the short ‘do for years! Spiky texture added to bangs that are longer than the hair in the back gives the whole think a stylized outlook. Minimal makeup brings to focus to the hair, through which we are reminded of our slightly rebellious days during our younger years. No one said that we can’t be rebellious adults, however, and this is one look to revel in.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Halle Berry

19. Elisabeth Moss Short Razor Cut

A platinum blonde razor cut is just the perfect short look at any party or anytime throughout the year. This Elisabeth Moss look is so entirely gorgeous; we may actually emulate it ourselves. You need not look fierce or magical, but merely chic and sophisticated, like a woman with a passion who knows how to get things done. Bold lashes and glossy pink lips finish off the fabulous design, while the side-part adds volume to her crown.

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Elisabeth Moss

20. Jenna Elfman Boho Short Hairstyle

Spring 2015 fashion trends include boho waves, bold and long dark lashes, minimal makeup and soft pink lips. Though the center part is moreso on the trends radar, the side part in boho waves has been seen all around the Fashion Week. Jenna Elfman’s boho waves on her lovely shoulder length hair shine through perfectly, while her dangling colourful stoned earrings being some summer fun to the look. We cannot imagine a more beautiful look to rock during the spring and summer months coming up soon enough!

20 Short Hairstyles Celebs Love to Wear: Jenna Elfman

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Lately, Céline and Saint Laurent are the Only Bag Choices for Cover Girls


Models and Celine Bags

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Arcadia Handbags – Borse Made in Italy


The ability to make “contemporaneous” lines typically classic is the element that has given rise to models of Arcadia Bags for the upcoming winter season.
The company, established in the ’70s has evolved over time to a real industrial scale, producing and distributing reliable and competitive in the leather goods, bags and accessories for men and women.
Arcadia‘s creations are eclectic, on informal style, revisited classic, designed for the modern consumer, dynamic, attentive to the quality/price ratio.
In addition to the different types of fine leathers are used fabrics and materials engineers are always in line with the demands of the latest trends.
The autumn-winter 2014/2015 collection is enriched with new models from precious details, the expression of what has helped to make unique the Made in Italy: the quality of the leather handled masterfully combining the know-how typical of the tradition with the evolution of fashion, the work phases in the name of Italian craftsmanship and the elaborate style.
Arcadia also makes hand finishing some details (stitching, zippers and buttons) its stretch of excellence.
For the woman sophisticated and sensual, the brand has come up with an original line of bags for any occasion, available in either maxi and mini.
My choice fell on a shopper with studs perfect for a total look in rock chic style softened by chiffon details over that dress ofTidebuy.


La capacità di rendere “contemporanee” linee tipicamente classiche è l’elemento che ha dato vita ai modelli di Arcadia Bagsper la prossima stagione invernale.
L’azienda nata intorno agli anni ’70 si è evoluta nel corso del tempo ad una vera e propria dimensione industriale, affidabile e competitiva producendo e distribuendo nel settore della pelletteria, borse ed accessori per donna e uomo.
Le creazioni Arcadia sono eclettiche, di stile informale, classico rivisitato, pensate per un consumatore moderno, dinamico, attento al rapporto qualità /prezzo.
Oltre alle diverse tipologie di pellami pregiati vengono utilizzati tessuti e materiali tecnici sempre in linea con le richieste delle ultime tendenze.
La collezione autunno-inverno 2014/2015 si arricchisce di nuovi modelli dai dettagli preziosi, espressione di quello che ha contribuito a rendere unico il Made in Italy: la qualità dei pellami trattati magistralmente unendo il saper fare tipico della tradizione con le evoluzioni della moda, le fasi di lavorazione all’insegna dell’artigianalità italiana e lo stile elaborato.
Arcadia, altresì, fa della rifinitura a mano di alcuni dettagli (cucitura, zip e bottoni) il suo tratto di eccellenza.
Per la donna ricercata e sensuale il brand ha pensato ad un’inedita linea di borse per qualsiasi occasione, disponibili sia nei formati maxi che mini.
La mia scelta è ricaduta su una shopper con borchie perfetta per un total look di ispirazione rock chic addolcito da dettagli in chiffon sull’abitino di Tidebuy.

















ABITO: Tidebuy

COLLANA: Fusa Bijoux



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Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway


Center part hairstyles are in style but so are boho waves that give mesmerizing effect to silky smooth locks. It may be a beach style hairdo but we don’t need to wait for warmer days to rock them. Actually, it may be good to remind ourselves of warmer days during these next 2 seasons. Once we’ve managed to sift through the frost of winter, spring will bring with it the hope of sunshine and waves once again. While we’re waiting, no one’s stopping us from becoming oceanic goddesses or free-spirited hippies as we enjoy the gorgeous bohemian looks.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway

Spring/ summer 2015 hairstyle trends have everyone from the festival chick to the desert girl, the romantic and the coolest prom queen sporting the same hairstyle. You’ve got the soft, flowing waves combined with the bare beauty. That slightly undone look is simple yet lovely and the runway has been full of the ‘do, making it a top trend for the season. It makes us look youthful, feminine and downright sensual, with refined decadence deconstructed, loose and messy reminding us of the ‘70s styles that are a looser version of the abundant ‘60s curls. It seems the‘70s are back in full swing, all with a modern touch. We’re not surprised to see the hair trends reflecting the era as well and here we have collected some of the most amazing spring/ summer 2015 wavy hairstyles that were adorning the recent runway shows!

Hippie Chic Curls

One of the more common looks seen on the runway is the hippie-chic curl, wherein you have the looser version of the hippie curls creating an impeccably romantic silhouette that’s utterly feminine and oh so chic. Natural skin, brushed brows and bare lips are all in now, with the long, carefree hair falling about the shoulders and down the back in soft waterfall cascades. If you want to dress up the look with a bit of makeup, go for a brighter skin, darker eyes and pale pink lips to take the cake. Alberta Ferretti and Emilio Pucci are just a couple of names that showed this hairstyle during their runway shows.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Hippie Curls

‘70s Soft Waves

Hippie and rock & roll looks inspired the effortless, sexy waves we see on the catwalk for the spring season, soft and lovely as the ‘70s relaxed waves that are barely there and hanging loose about the shoulders. A center part and a bit of volume at the crown are all that’s needed to ensure an edgy but flirty look. Smokey eyes on a bare face create an image of timeless classic beauty that is not easily forgotten, no matter how many decades pass. There’s something utterly irresistible about it. Felder Felder and Sonia Rykiel had some amazing interpretations of the trend.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: '70s Waves

Desert Waves

If you ever wished to wake up, brush your hair and walk out the door with you minimal waves, now you can do it without feeling like a bum. You can also tell your mother who insists on you doing something, anything to those luscious locks of yours that even the best supermodels on the runway are wearing their hair like this now. You want that light, airy look with minimal interference. To add edginess to the look, heavily done up eyes are great, particularly when against bare skin. A center part and added extensions give the look a chunkier texture. We especially loved the loose wavy hairstyles spotted at Etro and Narciso Rodriguez.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Desert Waves

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Cool Girl Waves

Cool girls will be wearing Chanel and soft waves seen at the brand’s latest show come spring 2015, with side parts in zigzag designs adding quite a bit of texture to the look. Pale pink lipstick and a hint of mascara will adorn otherwise bare faces, while the boho waves give off the feel of the girls having just got out of bed. There’s something utterly sultry about the look. It’s not that we want to look overly pretty, but we most definitely want the soft feminine looks these waves give us. Nicole Miller also had this trend shown on the runway!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Cool Girl Waves

Festive Waves

There’s something rather refined about wearing the soft, messy look for festivities. There’s a fine line between undone and super-glam but with the right makeup and outfit, this definitely takes on the aura of the latter. Darkly underlined eyes with barely-there makeup accompaniment are the best route to go here. Gorgeous to say the least, we think we might be rocking this look during the upcoming winter festivities as well. Why wait till spring when we know the trends already? Francesco Scognamiglio and Marchesa did charm us with those festive boho wavy hairstyles!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Festive Waves

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Side-Parted Boho Waves

The artsy girl in you is certainly going to love the soft bohemian look with the side-part. The center part may be the trendiest way to do it this season but nothing beats the messy chic of a deep side-part. The waves are barely there the hair is certainly not coiffed and the makeup is literally barely seen, giving off an ethereal look. It’s as lovely as can be and we cannot help but adore the look showcased on the runway of Tory Burch. The half-up half-down styling of the waves as seen at Tod’s certainly adds to the appeal.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Boho Waves

Of the spring/ summer 2015 wavy hairstyles inspired from the runway we surely also adore the beachy waves spotted at Valentino, the messy curls of Badgley Mishcka with pastel highlights used, the glam locks of Diane von Furstenberg, and the soft waves of Mary Katrantzou. One just needs to try this trend this summer to feel and look as gorgeous as the models do!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Beachy Waves

Spring/ Summer 2015 Wavy Hairstyles Taken from The Runway: Glam Waves

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