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A few weeks ago, we introduced the Boy Chanel Chain Around Bag and we’re absolutely stunned by the design. So today, we want to show you the colors that are available.

When you think of the Boy Bag, what comes into your mind? The beautiful chains and the iconic boy clasp, right? Well, first of all you can’t get more chains on a mini bag than this. The interwoven chain design has been embellished around the front flap as well. And I love it because it’s so unique and lady-like (It’s the first-time that Chanel has created the Boy Chain Around Bag).

Oh, did we mention about the new Boy Clasp yet? It’s has been completely redesigned and replaced with diamond patterns. And the CC logo is much larger than its previous version.

You only have once chance to claim this bag. This design is new and will probably be discontinued after this collection end. So is it worth your investment? Style code A583221, measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches and priced at €1950 euro via Chanel boutique.

Pictures courtesy of: lux_brands_boutique

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Luxury Chanel Bagel Bag

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Chanel F/W13 Boy WOC & Clutch Pochette

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chanel_fw13-boy-woc--clutch-pochetteIt could be early days yet, but not sharing these upcoming beauties from Chanel would have been a greater crime. From the early F/W13 collection (also known as Pre-Fall 2013) is a Boy Chanel WOC, as well as Boy Chanel Clutch Pochette.

First up, the Boy Chanel WOC, which if I’m not wrong, is also the first time it’s available in velvet, and in stunning Navy Blue, no less. Rounding up the WOC is gorgeous burnished silver hardware on the chain sling and the clasp, which should have many of you hyperventilating with joy. Or ecstatic with glee, whichever you prefer.

Another new shape is the Boy Clutch Pochette, basically a longish east-west beauty in light pink fur and leather. A move in the right direction as far as the shape is concerned, it will be another welcome addition (I can already see ladies ditching their usual clutches for this at their next society fête) for those enamoured with all thingsBoy.

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By now you should already know that Chanel do not publish all their latest handbags on their website. They leave the crumbs for us to pick at their Chanel boutiques and sometimes crumbs can be very tasty.

For example, like the Chanel Caviar Easy Flap Bag. This handbag has never been revealed on their website, we needed to visit their store to find out.

All right and here’s another one that might interest you.

How we get to know this handbag is kind-of a funny story. One of our readers, Ornoi, published a video in our comment section, she showed in details on how this bag looks, and it’s truly amazing.

Thanks Ornoi.

She bought this bag in October 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s a medium sized flap bag, probably cheaper than the iconic Classic Flap Bags. The color is Bordeaux and it’s made from lambskin.

The leather is luxurious – with beautiful stitches and it feels butterly soft. The CC closure is the same like the Classic Flap Bag, but the difference is that the Chanel Around Pockets Flap Bag comes with extra side pockets. The rest is still the same, like the interwoven chain links.

The interior is quite large, it comes with a zip pocket too. Simply a gorgeous handbag and an alternative for anyone that loves Chanel.

We do not have the style code, the exact prices and the colors available.





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Chanel F/W13 Boy Chanel Collection

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chanel_fw13-boy-chanel-collection1Guaranteed to give many of you sleepless nights, may I present the Boy Chanel bags that will released as part of Chanel’s F/W13 collection. Featuring 3 distinct sub-collections, first up we’ve got what I’d like to call the ‘rock-chic’ bags, two detailed with hanging chains, the third in jet black matte exotic python. All so very desirable, if you ask me.

chanel_fw13-boy-chanel-collection3Next up we’ve got a selection of Boy Chanel pieces in exotic alligator (or is it crocodile) in varying sizes. Gorgeous, yes, but I’ll bet you an arm and a leg that they’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

chanel_fw13-boy-chanel-collection2Last but not least, a final set of the Boy Chanel bags in newish hues, from a light dove grey to a darker marine blue. There’s even a small, squarish Boy Chanel that I’ve never seen before; could it be a new size for F/W13? No word yet on their exact release dates for Singapore or their retail prices in SGD, so expect an update very, very soon.

For now, just drool, and enjoy…

Update: 17 July 2013
Some of the prices in SGD are in, so here we go. The pair of Boy Chanel bags with the layered chains are SGD6780 each, the largest Boy Chanel in exotic alligator isSGD52,990, the smallest, almost squarish one in Red is SGD4480. Last but not least, the one in matte black python will set you back by SGD9940.

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Chanel F/W13 Plexiglas Clutch Pochette

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chanel_fw13-plexiglas-clutch-pochetteIf you thought you’d seen the last of that now infamous ‘Lego’ clutch from S/S13 Chanel, think again. From the F/W13 collection which should hit Chanel boutiques worldwide in the coming months, the Chanel Plexiglas Clutch Pochette will come only in black plexiglas, but with a slight difference.

While the originals came plain in a wide variety of hues, the ones from the upcoming season will come ’embedded’ with a little something extra. Measuring 20 cm across by 12 cm, one will be inlaid with multi-coloured wool tweed, the other a little more subdued and decked out with crystal strass, great for nights when you need to stand out a little, and sparkle.

Both priced at SGD16,240 each, I’ll be the first to admit that while these may not be for everyone, they will definitely be appreciated by those who specially collect the odd, the quirky and the wonderful from Chanel. Like myself.

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