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Two Magnificent Hermes Kelly Bags


Two Magnificent Hermes Kelly Bags Two Magnificent Hermes Kelly Bags

Two magnificent Hermes Kelly bags so adorable in the pictures presented ad campaigns. Very cute bunny ears with the addition that is on the handle the bag. Two magnificent Hermes Kelly bags are very unique, exciting and adorable instead. Here are Two magnificent Hermes Kelly bags. Ain’t no bunny like an Hermes bunny!

Two Magnificent Hermes Kelly Bags 1 Two Magnificent Hermes Kelly Bags

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This Is the Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbag You'll Ever Lay Eyes On

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Louis Vuitton rolled out its  Cruise collection, and with it, plenty of City Steamer bags to lust over. The smart silhouette features an easy-to-tote structure and sophisticated details like a small gold padlock and optional monogram. But the luxe style you're looking at right now? That's the beige crocodile version, and it retails for $55,500, making it the most expensive LV handbag ever.

Don't get us wrong — we'd be hard-pressed to find something wrong with the impeccably crafted accessory. In fact, its neutral color and patent finish make it the perfect wear-every-day bag. But would you shell out the cash for this City Steamer? Or, better yet, add it to your holiday wish list? Read on to see Michelle Williams model the design in more standard colorways, then admire LV's priciest offering once more, and let us know if it's worth the splurge in the comments section!
Top 5 Investment Bags
Have you ever fallen in love with a bag, only to see it slip through your fingers? First you decided that it was too expensive and that you needed time to decide if you really must have it, then the next thing you know, it’s sold out! I pride myself on always finding the bags I love, no matter how high or low I have to search for them, and one of my newest solutions is eBay. Not only can you find limited edition pieces, you can often find them at better prices than they were originally, turning the high cost of investment bags from bank-breaking to bearable. Kelly and I personally curated this selection of must-haves, along with more than 20 other Snobby collections that cover everything from fashion to home dècor – follow them here! #FOLLOWITFINDIT
Celinè Python Mini Luggage Tote ($5,999): The Luggage tote is an “it” bag that we see everywhere, so to up the stakes, get it in python! Even though this is a neutral, it’ll never fail to excite.
Hermès Kelly ($19,888): This won’t be the last Hermès on the list. When it comes to investing in a lifetime love, the French icon is hard to beat. Indulge in Grace Kelly glam this winter with a decadent, rich red.
Chanel Classic Flap Fantasy Bag ($5,499): For the Snob who already has a basic flap bag, this Evening Garden version will be just what the name implies – a Fantasy. Turn fantasy into reality by picking up the ultra-embellished tweed for your collection!
Hermès Black Birkin ($19,995): This is the investment bag of all investment bags with a price tag to match, yet at a sizable 40 cm, you’ll get more than enough use out of it!

Louis Vuitton Black and White Graffiti Alma Bag ($1,725): This LV logo graffitied tote may not be a prim and proper investment, but it is most certainly one of the wisest. Artist Stephen Sprouse’s collab with the brand is truly iconic and its statement-making pieces are hard to find!

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Hermès Herbag Zip

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hermes_herbag-zip-blackAs far as I’m aware, what used to be the Herbag is now the Hermès Herbag Zip, a reworked bag that now only comes with one ‘body’. You see, the old Herbag used to be sold in set of two, where the top part of the bag (in leather where the flap and the handle is) could be interchanged with another ‘body’ in a different size.

The Herbag Zip, however, has done away with all that. And as the inclusion of the word zip in the name implies, they all now come with a zip pocket at the back, where oddly enough is also where you’ll find the padlock. There’s also the inclusion of a canvas zip pouch on the inside on the bag, which can be used together with the bag or removed and used separately on its own.

Available in 3 sizes, the 31, the 39 and Cabine, the measurements are as follows. The 31measures 31 cm by 25 cm, the 39 is 39 cm by 31 cm, and finally, the Cabine which is the largest and comes in at 52 cm by 36 cm.

hermes_herbag-zip-cassisPriced more affordably than its full leather siblings, the fact that it comes in many colours makes it even more popular, despite the fact that getting into the bag takes some getting used to. There is an upside to it, however. Having your wallet in the main compartment all ‘locked’ up means it will be almost impossible for pickpockets, while the zip pocket at the back let’s you pack in your smartphone, a card or two and other small essentials.

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A wallet is one of our most important accessories, I mean; we use it on daily basis. It’s kind-of an one-time purchase, then we want it to stick with us for a long time. Our personal items like credit card, bankcard, ID’s and money are inside; therefore we need one that’s protective and both stylish.

If you already own a designer bag like Chanel, Celine or Givenchy, you will want to choose a wallet that’s classic, so you can switch to different bags anytime you call for. And if there’s any luxury brand that makes classic things, we want to recommend no other than Hermes.

You see, you need to have at least one wallet that’s perfect, the price might be a little steep, but then we need to think long term. Five years from now, you can still sell your Hermes wallet, it holds value, if you don’t abuse it of course.

Presenting the Hermes Dogon Wallet, compact in different colors that we know, you will love. Its made from calfskin (material is durable and strong), closed by a leather flap and silver plated ‘Clou de Selle’ closure inside that reads: ‘Hermes Paris’. The interior is structured; you can find a zipped change purse, two credit card slots and two extra compartments.

The design looks quite easy and our eyes are pointing to the silver plated closure in the center. But easy should not fool us, because its ultimately the craftsmanship behind the wallet that we are hunting for. Measuring 9.5 x 13.8 cm.







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Check out Kris Jenner’s Hermes bag collection with an estimated worth


“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet” SATC’s Carry Bradshaw once famously said and it seems like the Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch Kris has taken the words to heart. The bagaholics at Purseblog recently pulled out their calculators to estimate the net worth of Kris’ memorable Hermes bag collection. Featuring a mix of Birkins and Kellys in various sizes, her 16 exotic Hermes bags.

Puseblog’s list is not necessarily comprehensive, so she might have more of these gems hidden away. Additionally many of the bags might be bought from third party dealers or auctions and some might be gifts, so it’s not a given that she paid Hermes’ original price for all of them. Nonetheless her arsenal features an enviable diversity of picks. Check out a few of our favorites below with Purseblog’s estimations of their sale prices

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Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Kelly Bag, 25cm, $116,000

Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Kelly Bag.Hermès Limited Edition Candy Birkin Bag, $12,000

Hermès Limited Edition Candy Birkin Bag. Hermès Birkin in Ebene Leather and Natural Toile Fabric, 35cm, $11,000.

Hermès Birkin in Ebene Leather and Natural Toile Fabric, 35cm.

Besides Hermes, Kris’ handbag collection also features plenty of Chanel, Céline, Valentino and Givenchy.

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