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For women who are on a lookout to finding a New Chanel bag to complement their style, look no further as the odds are in your favor. Presenting the Chanel Lady Clutch with Chain, which looks every bit of a feminine bag fancy!

The Chanel Lady Clutch with Chain is something we’re excited to talk about because of its unique and distinctive design. If you’ll observe, it actually features two designs as the middle is styled in a clutch-like fashion while it is elegantly wrapped in thick diamond quilting. The other feature you’ll also notice would be the round-like clasp in the middle, which has double purposes: for security and ease of access.

With an irresistible aesthetic appeal, this bag exudes nothing but femininity. You’ll definitely know what we are talking about if you take a good look at it. Aside from this, this Chanel bag features the CC logo in the middle for instant brand recognition. It also has an interwoven chained shoulder strap so you can carry it by the shoulder or cross-body.

This is a cute mini bag, even cuter than the WOC but not as functional due to its smaller size. This lady-like bag is perfect as a mini evening bag or special evenings because of its chic design.

We do not have the style code, sizes or the prices, please check with the SA.

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You will absolutely love this – the Lady Dior Bag is about to get more excited. You see, there is actually only one type of Lady Dior Bag for a very long time. But that tradition has recently changed.

Dior started off slow by introducing the Lady Dior Bag with Chains. Can you remember that? It’s actually the original Lady Dior but then attached to an extra elegant chain for shoulder options. And we thought that was very cute.

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But now something totally different has been introduced, we present to you the Lady Dior Bag with Double Chain.

With DNA’s copied from the original Lady Dior Bag, but the handles are missing, it has been replaced by Double Chains. Now you can carry this bag on your shoulder or cross body, which looks very chic.

Designed with lambskin, featuring the iconic Cannage Stitching, this is a timeless bag, a one-time purchase and forever in style. It’s practical and elegant; carry it from day to night.

Measuring 19 x 14 x 9 cm, we do not have the prices yet, but we will post more info later on.




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Up for some Dior bags? Yep, here at BragMyBag, we’re sort of ga-ga over their items, mainly because they have so many great designs to choose from. Speaking of such, we’re dying to know more about the Lady Dior Heart Tote Bag. As we all know, the ‘Lady Dior’ collection has been around for some years now – debuted in 1995, it’s a well-known selection of great pieces, with a huge following ever since its beginnings. We’re talking ‘A’-listers here: Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, even Princess Diana in her glory days. It’s been trending since then!

Now, the Lady Dior has reinvented itself once again, in the form of the Heart Tote Bag. From what we can see in the picture, some elegant stitching on leather has been commissioned, which is just so elegant and dainty. As of now, we don’t have information about the bag’s price and availability, that is why you should stay tuned for more updates about this piece! Are you excited just as we are? What do you think about this take on the classic Lady Dior?


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Small Lady Dior Tote with Chains

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Sometimes it’s strange how a twist can change the game. By now, everyone should already know the iconic Lady Dior Tote– the finest and glamorous accessory that Dior has in stock.

Enhanced by Dior Cannage Stitching, it’s truly a timeless piece of art. Luxuriously handcrafted and distinctive, this bag becomes more precious with time. It’s made for those that demand excellence to the tiniest details.

And the best of the best, it never goes out of style.

So wrap it up in the box please or put it temporary on your wish list.

All right, now what’s so special about this Lady Dior tote? It’s the first Lady Dior Tote Bag that comes with a long chain with large, metallic, silver-tone links, means it can be worn across the body. It’s absolutely on-trend.

Everything else is still there.

The DIOR charm in silver hardware, the gorgeous handles and it’s made from lambskin. It can’t go more luxurious than that. Painted in a color that’s always trending, in classic black. This is a one-time purchase and forever-yours handbag.

The size of the Lady Dior with Chains is small – lovely and cute. Measuring 17 x 15 x 7 cm, available at your local Dior boutique for $3,000 USD.



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Lady Dior Bag in Vieil Argent Karung

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Let our imagination flow…

The Lady Dior Bag, a never-ending love story if you got one. An iconic bag that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s as famous as a Hollywood Celebrity.

You can go safe and purchase the Lady Dior Bag in Black with ‘Cannage Stitches’. Or you can go big and treat yourself with a Lady Dior Bag in exotic snakes skin.

Presenting the Lady Dior Bag Vieil Argent Karung – a timeless and unique work of art, imbued with the Couture spirit of Dior.

What makes this bag so special?

Embellished with the nobility of karung, the exotic skin of the water snake, coupled with a silver tone hue. Did you know that the surface of the leather is worked by hand, refined with much love and sweat, creating a play of light and shadow.

You can carry the small Lady Dior Bag on the shoulder, cross body or just by hand as it comes with a detachable leather strap. It’s finished with aged silver-tone jewellery.

Measuring 17 x 15 x 7 cm, expected price to be around $10,300 USD.

Now, we want to show you another option, the Lady Dior Mini Python Silver Bag. A mini size, perfect for those mini bag addicts. This bag shines from day to night, leaving an impression everywhere you go.

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Lady Dior Tote For Fall Winter 2014 Collection

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An iconic bag from the House of Dior, there is no need for any introduction. Any fashion savvy lady will respect this piece of art.

Apart from the Lady Dior Tote in Classic Black Color, and if we are bold enough to move away from the classic ‘Cannage Stitching’ to look for other styles, allow us to introduce you a few new designs from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

The Lady Dior Tote embroidered with magnificent flowers in crystals and beads – crafted to look as it has been grown on it. Flowers have always been an important historical element of Dior. And now inspired by the Autumn and Winter 2014 Ready-to-Wear catwalk show, this highly refined version is a timeless and unique work of art, imbued with the Couture spirit of Dior.

Carry the bag by hand or worn on the shoulder for unrivalled elegance.


Here’s another exceptional piece. Made from lambskin and refined with crocodile leather – the bag itself is intertwined with Dior ‘Cannage Stitching’ and the handles are crafted with precious crocodile to add to the incomparable elegance of this bag.

And as we’ve already told you, flowers are an important element of Dior – it comes with hand-painted flowers. Love the Lady Dior Rose Tendre Lambskin.


Funky, playful and multi-colored. If classic black is too boring to paint your life, then consider this new Lady Dior style. Reflecting Dior’s refinement, this bag is made in white and pink satin, adorned with delicate embroidery that is also inspired by the Fall Winter 2014 Read-to-Wear catwalk show.

It’s a perfect accessory for the Dior flower-woman, carry it by hand, shoulder or cross body.


Lastly, everything with pearls in it deserves our attention. Presenting the Lady Dior that has been meticulously crafted by hand, the pearlised finish of the leather reflects the light, making this bag the perfect companion for day and evening out.

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