Chanel Velvet Boy Quilted Flap Bag and Duo Color Clutch Bag

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If you took a few minutes to read our made-with-love Chanel Leather Guide (I assume you already have), then you will know that generally, handbags made from Velvet are the lowest priced. It’s an opportunity to catch a CC designer bag and lock it up in your wardrobe.

However, the design is entirely different and of course the feel. The Boy Quilted Flap Bag in Velvet feels much softer (not the lambskin soft of course) and the boy in calfskin feels much more durable. They say its not easy to clean ‘Velvet’, you can read more about this material at our Chanel Leather Guide.


Besides the material used, the look is exactly the same – you get the iconic Boy CC logo on the front, the big strong shoulder chain strap and its entirely quilted. I think the Velvet version is great to have, if you already own one in leather.Chanel-Duo-Color-Clutch-Bag
It’s true what they say, I am here to confirm; ‘Chanel bags never end’. They are like fairytale stories with the ending, they are like drama series but without the final chapter. And a few personal words for the bag addicted (no cure, we guarantee), as long as you keep loading that gun, you will always have enough bullets to spree – it’s the only way to feed our obsessions.
Now too long ago, we did a full review on the Chanel Duo Color Flap Bag. This bag, which is cheaper than the classic flap bag, It’s quite similar to the ‘easy flap bag’ or the ‘CC Crave’, if you can remember that too!
But anyways, Chanel also made a Duo Color Clutch Bag, which is also available in store right now. It’s features a CC logo on the top, quilted and it comes with a long shoulder strap. Basically it’s the same design like the Chanel Coco Pleats Clutch Bag. If you need a Chanel to go from day to night, this is what I would pick. (and if your wardrobe is stocked with endless flap bags).
This bag is named ‘Duo Color’ because it has bicolored leather featured in the interior lining and the interior of the strap.

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What a fine surprise! This time, we’re going to feature one of the fan favorites in the house: the Chanel Velvet WOC. The name of this piece is luxurious itself, what more the actual one you could see in person? Well, leave it to us for a fine introduction. We know that there are a lot of WOC fans in the house – you requested, we listened. This bag is too beautiful to be left out.

Measuring 12.3cm x 19.2cm x 3.5cm, the Chanel Velvet Wallet on Chain is such a winner when it comes to functionality and style – aside from its sleek and luxe exterior, it also has so much room for your stuff. It’s organized – it has zipped pockets and a main compartment which stores all of your valuables with ease. We don’t know how Chanel manages to nail it every single time, but definitely we’re buying this piece!

Not so long ago, we’ve even featured this piece – but now, there’s an update with regards to the fine details (specifically the bag’s hardware). The Velvet WOC in this style used to have a seemingly dark-toned hardware in the past. Now there has been a revamp, and Chanel has brought back the silver bling for a brighter sparkle.

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With a style code of A33814, and a price of €1570 EUR, you can get your very own Velvet WOC via Chanel boutique.


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Here’s the good thing, we introduced the Chanel Small Caviar Pouch Bag with Chain last week. It was made in Velvet and priced at 1370 euro, you remember?

No? Then quickly, read this article: Chanel Small Velvet Pouch with Removable Chain.

This small bag looks quite like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag – it’s quilted, it comes with a CC logo but tinier and it features an woven chain link which can be removed.

A beautiful bag, but we know some of you don’t want Velvet because of maintenance and other experiences. So we would like to introduce you to Ninar.

You see, Ninar grabbed this bag in Caviar. Yes, you heard it right…’Caviar’.

Caviar leather is known for its impeccable quality, it’s easier to maintain and as solid as a rock. You want to have your bag in caviar if you want to minimize the damages and scratches.

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Ninar: ‘I got it in Lotte department store here in Seoul, Korea on 22nd August. It costs 1,900,000 KRW so about 1,600 USD.

The price range is almost the same as the one in Velvet. The difference between the Classic Flap Bag and the Small Pouch with Chain is that it comes with an internal pouch.
Is it hunting time already?



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