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Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag

It’s obvious that Dior created the 30 Montaigne Bag to become the new classic. It will not replace the iconics like Lady Dior or Diorama Bag, but it might become one of the top 3 must haves. More over, a new addition will join the collection, the Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag. So what’s

5 More Dior Ultra Black Bags To Watch

We’re doing an extra post about the Dior Ultra Black Bags because new choices have just arrived. If you want to look at our last post, go to 7 Dior Ultra Black Bags To Watch. The Ultra Black Bags are incredible elegant because both the leather as well as the hardware are crafted in

DiorDouble Bag

A simple bag made from Canvas is perfect for the summer. Canvas is light and strong but it’s also easier to transport. The DiorDouble Bag is a tote bag, which means it has a big interior space. The DiorDouble Bag comes in single color, however the Dior Oblique is purposely crafted on the

Dior Rose Earring

What if we told you that a French jewellery designer who started her career alongside Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel has designed a unique series of earrings, just to satisfy our obsession for fashion? Since 1998, Victoire de Castellane has worked as the creative director in Dior’s fine jewelry division. And just

Dior Lucky Locket Collection

IMAGE: DIOR The window display at Dior’s ION Orchard boutique had undergone a fresh new update earlier this week, revealing all-new pieces (RTW as well as bags and accessories) from the Winter 2019 collection. It’s worth a mention simply because Singapore is one of the select few boutiques in the world to carry

Dior Men #DiorOblique Plexiglass Pouch

IMAGE: DIOR Transparent, see-through bags remain a popular design choice of major fashion houses in the Fall-Winter 2019 season, and Dior has proven just that with its very own rendition of the #DiorOblique Plexiglass Pouch, also the first time the Parisian luxury brand is adopting the use of the material for an entire bag. A

Dior Oblique Voyager Wallet

As much as I love the Lady Dior Voyageur Wallet, there is a similar version available but in a new style. It’s called the Dior Oblique Voyageur Wallet. The Oblique Canvas print doesn’t need an introduction. The style is well-known and has been crafted on the house’s most iconic handbags. If you have

Dior Mini Book Tote

IMAGE: DIOR It is time to set the record straight. What everyone has been calling theSmall Book Tote (you know, the smaller than original size that’s still not available in Singapore or our region) is actually officially called the Mini Book Tote. Yes, simply do a search on Dior’s online site and it will