The 13 Current and Classic Louis Vuitton Handbags That Every Bag Lover Should Know Right Now

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Shop Handbags and Accessories from the Best Private Collections at Bonhams

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The resale market for rare designer bags is hotter than ever, but what’s often lost in the news stories about the ways those bags change hands are the stories of the bags themselves. British auction house Bonhamskeeps those personal tales of shopping triumph in mind when sourcing fine handbags and accessories like the ones in its latest auction, set to begin November 10 in Los Angeles.

Among the available pieces are several from best-selling novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford. As she tells it, her husband of over 50 years often buys her Hermès bags to commemorate holidays and special occasions, and on one of the couple’s yearly trips to Paris, he was intent on giving her a Kelly.

Unfortunately, all of the Kellys in Hermès’ rue du Faubourg St. Honoré boutique were spoken for, as they so often are. After a little eavesdropping in French, though, Taylor Bradford’s husband was able to secure the special edition black-and-white Kelly that you see below, which had just been turned down by a customer who had ordered it months before.

Whether the specifics of a piece’s history are known or unknown, one of the great joys in buying vintage or pre-owned luxury items is the knowledge that they had a life before you, and they bring to your wardrobe a touch of a stylish stranger’s personal fashion history. Luxury accessories have long lifespans, and any of the pieces in Bonhams’ upcoming auction would make a fine heirloom to pass to a daughter or niece, the piece’s tale intact.

Below, check out some of our favorite pieces from Bonhams’ upcoming auction. The auction, which includes over 200 Hermès scarves in their boxes and over 400 lots of estate jewelry, in addition to fine handbags, will take place on November 9, as part of a 2-day Period Art & Design auction at the Bonhams showroom in Los Angeles, and is now online at

Chanel Metal and Lucite Box Evening Bag

Chanel Box Evening Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Chanel Costume Jewelry Collection

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Chanel Navy Classic Flap Bag

Hermès Crocodile Kelly Bag

Hermes Crocodile Kelly Bag

Hermès Jardin d’Hiver Silk Scarf

Hermes Jardin d'Hiver Silk Scarf

Hermès Ostrich Farming Bag

Hermes Ostrich Farming Bag

Hermès Sac Envi Handbag

Hermes Sac Envi Handbag

Hermès Special Order Printed Kelly Bag

Hermes Splatter Print Kelly Bag

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Gift Guide: Great Gifts, Including Handbags!

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Most hedge! LV Balenciaga handbags will be discontinued or changed out of print

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In April this year, when the prices have not only never Chanel also announced price cuts to balance the global price and price, which makes many women crazy, there are many users have a message, “Chanel handbag should not hold the title of most hedge!” First regardless of whether Chanel handbag prices affect its collection market, this series of bags introduced today is absolutely the best preserved out of print goods!




Monogram Multicolore handbags Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami collaboration

If you are unfamiliar with the name of Monogram Multicolore, that when it comes to the famous LV letters printed package you should have the impression, right? Yes, this has both black and white letters background color printing package is the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami in 2003 and early Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore jointly launched campaigns. In the long ago, LV Group announced partnership with Takashi Murakami will terminate by the end of July, that is, the color letter logo of Monogram Multicolore series will no longer manufactured!




Monogram Multicolore handbags Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami collaboration

At the same time the end of July, the major boutiques LV also have started the shelves all products of this series, the LV official website this series is also the last remaining of the three models are still selling. If you already have an Monogram Multicolore handbag, then congratulations, this handbag will be discontinued soon become your handbag out of print goods! If you have a meter pocket may also take advantage of the sale, when there is still much into a few, you might want to appreciate too!




While today’s perspective, color letters LV bag feeling quite ugly, and has also been pirated into street package, it is not out of feeling a little back! But! It but then successfully took over early favorite of most celebrity Louis Vuitton Speedy series, published since 2003, received more than three hundred million dollars in sales, with a big ticket star fans at the time, was 2003 -! IT BAG 2004 年 one of the most popular in its most prosperous time, LV even the flagship store decorated in colored letters peripheral appearance!



Monogram Multicolore handbags Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami collaboration

The reason is said to be discontinued from new designer (Nicolas Ghesquiere) took over power after the design, LV brand’s line shift, this has obvious brand LOGO design is no longer loved.




Monogram Multicolore handbags Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami collaboration

As the world’s “Luxury and artists marriage” wave originator Monogram Multicolore series is definitely the year’s most collectible price of the bag, not one! Later if we want to buy this cooperation with the distinctive imprint of the times series, can only Select the secondary market, and the price will only be higher!






Louis Vuitton handbags checkerboard pattern

In addition to three-color package, LV checkerboard pattern is often said that the LV mass Check package will also be out of print goods! Why? When the original April 21 this year, the EU German court to a simple lack of distinctive character grounds canceled Plaid LV Group registered trademark in 1998 and 2008! despite LV tried to come up with evidence to show that these two brands is not easy, but the court eventually dismissed their appeal, which means that in addition to the cross printing most classic trademark printing will not continue then before you have all Plaid LV handbags!, accidentally became print money.




Louis Vuitton handbags checkerboard pattern

Although because of too classic is infinitely copied, and finally led to his loss of copyright LV classic plaid series although thereafter will continue to produce, but this is no longer the only pattern handbag campaigns. A brand that has a useful life of trademark, trademark beige plaid, for example, continue to serve as a unique pattern of LV use it in 10 years, although the EU has the right to be canceled, but the area is limited to Europe and other countries if LV registered trademark and has not expired, then still holds ownership of the trademark.






Balenciaga IT BAG

Wang Daren and Balenciaga broke the news I think we all already know, though for now he designed bags full range of his departure will not be shut down, or off the shelf, but with the new incumbent took over Balenciaga who took office, small series have a feeling a few years as big Renge Balenciaga designed that several iT BAG will gradually no longer be the main product, and then marginalized, and finally print from discontinued become far!




Balenciaga IT BAG

Wang Daren as the first package designed for Balenciaga Le Dix, a whole series covers handbags, backpacks, Clutch multiple models. Wang Daren still unique design with simplicity and hard work style, Le Dix origin of the name, both to commemorate Balenciaga Fashion Avenue George V is located on the 10th Salon, also the brand’s first perfume’s name.




Balenciaga IT BAG

In addition, the rise of the past two years seems to be because shopping bags, Wang Daren Cable designed for the Balenciaga series bags are very popular these days. This series of shopping bags very industrial atmosphere, minimalist design coupled rectangular square glowing metallic luster of Balenciaga logo plaques, before diva Rihanna took DIOR endorsement, had always loved it.



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Best Buy Handbags Under £100

Here are my current best buy designer handbags for under £100.

I love handbags, hang on let me rephrase… I’m obsessed with handbags. I’m constantly searching for my next purchase but unfortunately am not always able to buy them. Handbags are expensive especially designer ones and can cost thousands and thousands of pounds. I have been searching for some bags that were under £100 and when on the Coggles website, noticed they had some amazing styles in the outlet and below are the best ones that I have found.



DVF Voyage After 6 Clutch

This DVF Voyage After 6 clutch bag it’s a great price at 60% off and a further 10% using code EXTRA10. It was full price at £170 and with the discount, only £63 for a real leather bag from a designer like Diane Von Furstenberg is a fabulous price. It can be used as a clutch or worn across body with the strap.


 Maison Scotch Polka Dot Tote Bag

This tote bag by Maison Scotch is another great buy. It’s currently on 50% discount with extra 10% off with code EXTRA10. It was £60 but now with the discount, just £27!


Lulu Guinness Lipstick Tote Bag

This Lulu guinness little lipstick tote bag is currently at 48% discount was £95 now with EXTRA10 just £43.20



Fringe is a huge trend right now and I loved this fringed bag. Was £99 now £54 with code EXTRA10


Karl Lagerfirld Choupette clutch bag

I LOVE this Karl Lagerfeld clutch, it’s seriously gorgeous! Original Price £120 now £54 with code EXTRA10


Woven Camera Bag

This little woven cross body is just £56.70 with the code EXTRA10 as camera style bags like this are a huge trend this year it would be a great buy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my My Best Buy handbags for under £100. I recently started shopping withCoggles again after purchasing the Kenzo Tiger T-Shirt which I styled in a post a few days ago, and noticed they had some great items on the outlet section so just wanted to share them with you.

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Jennifer Lawrence Looks Naturally Chic In Dior Handbags Spring 2016 Ads

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French fashion house Dior has yet again tapped Hollywood actressJennifer Lawrence to star in its new Dior handbags spring 2016 ad campaign with metallic handbags in the focal point and chunky knitted sweaters just in pretty harmonious accord with them. Raf Simons is no longer with Dior house but the very last stunning pieces he designed forDior spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection in October carry on making their way through the spring campaigns of late.

Jennifer Lawrence In Dior Handbags Spring 2016 Ads

Captured by Mario Sorrenti, the 25-year-old talented actress poses for Dior in a Parisian apartment looking naturally chic and wrapped with somewhat homebody vibes. We see her quite relaxed as if at her own home either lounging on a sofa or lolling about on the floor with her blonde strands secured in a loose updo, while her face is free of makeup or apparently in the illusion of no makeup (truth be told, those sea blue eyes and soft complexion alone are more than sufficient for raising admirations). Oversized cropped sweaters in powdery pink, ivory and black shades worn over some white pieces are perfectly synched up with a new version of the Diorama handbag, a metallic fuchsia stunner with chunky chain and new style Diorever top-handled totes either in golden foil-like texture or in matte black strictness. The new style has a front flap that can be inserted inside.

The campaign’s outdoor advertising in France has already kicked off, while the print ads will see the light of the day starting from March 8 in titles including Vogue Netherlands, Vogue Germany and Vanity Fair in the U.S.

Jennifer Lawrence In Dior Handbags Spring 2016 Ads

The beauteous symphony created in the campaign is mostly due to J. Law’s soft allure and her limitless acting talents but also owing to her long-term collaboration with the luxury fashion house. Apart from appearing in Dior’s different campaigns, we are obviously having trouble to call to mind any grand ceremony with Lawrence wearing other than Dior. No doubt she is from stem to stern a Dior girl – starting from that full-skirt floral white Dior Couture gown that she was donning at the 85th Annual Academy Awards bringing her very first Oscar in the nomination of the Best Actress and ending with her very recent appearance at the 88th Annual Academy Awards decked out into a black tiered lingerie-style dress, let alone her many other Dior choices in between.

It is said that Lawrence’s collaboration with Dior ends in 2017 and it is unknown yet if it will be extended. Despite our great desire to always see these two big names in tandem, let us confess that seeing the blonde’s allure pushing its boundaries a little bit and giving a try to other pieces as well makes us more enthusiastic. And switching to another faithful collaboration is as easy as ABC for the talented actress. It’s just enough to recall the multiple disparate roles she has dared to play – from the brave hero girl in The Hunger Games to the eccentric crazy Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook to the strong business woman in Joy.

Jennifer Lawrence In Dior Handbags Spring 2016 Ads

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