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Louis Vuitton Trunk Multicartes Bag

It can’t get smaller than this. The Louis Vuitton Trunk Multicartes Bag was sold-out as soon as I started writing, now that tells a lot about this bag. As an adorable miniature version of the iconic Trunk Clutch, the Multicartes is evenly cute. The shape is almost identical like the clutch bag including the

Louis Vuitton Neo Square Bag

Meet the Louis Vuitton Neo Square Bag, it’s a new seasonal piece in an unique shape yet very practical to use as an everyday bag. Created for the Fall Winter 2019 Collection, the design is combined with iconic elements. The Neo Square is built in a cube shape, it features modern detailing

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Jungle

Earlier this year Louis Vuitton introduced an exaggerated version of its iconic Monogram print. Aptly named 'Monogram Giant,' the print was first introduced in a capsule collection for Summer 2019 in bold, bright colors. Soon after the Monogram Giant bags were also introduced in the brand's classic brown color way. The Monogram Giant print continues

Louis Vuitton Mini Boîte Chapeau Bag

One might think that the Petite Boîte Chapeau Bag is the smallest size, but not anymore. Just recently, Louis Vuitton added the Mini Boîte Chapeau Bag as one of their mini leather accessories, comparable to the Wallet On Chain Bags. The Boîte Chapeau belongs to the classic collection because it’s inspired by the Boîte à Chapeaux, the

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Flower Zipped Tote

IMAGE: LOUIS VUITTON Sure, Louis Vuitton is well-known for its plethora of RTW shows loaded with accessories, bags and shoes that gets snapped up the moment it lands in stores, but the powerhouse is also consistently introducing new designs into its commercial leather goods line-up, one of them being the relatively

Celebs Carry Gucci in London and Louis Vuitton in San Diego

This will come as no surprise to any of you: I love pop culture, therefore, I love Comic-Con. It's always full of hotly anticipated screenings, movie trailers, and titillating behind-the-scenes reveals. For instance, did you know they made a sequel to Top Gun?! Or that Jennifer Connelly will play Tom Cruise's